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 PQE-2018 — January 7-12, 2018 — Snowbird, Utah, USA
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A special issue of the Journal of Modern Optics will be published in celebration of PQE-2018. The special issue will be edited by George R. Welch of Texas A&M University and Frank A. Narducci of the Naval Postgraduate School.

Please note that this is not a “conference proceedings” but rather a special issue of a regular journal. High quality papers on original work are expected. For further inquiries, please contact one of the editors.

  • Send us your good stuff. These will be refereed papers published in a peer-reviewed journal. Manuscripts will be reviewed according to normal journal procedures. These papers must constitute original research material and cannot contain a substantial fraction of material repeated from elsewhere. Special Issue submissions are subject to the same rules concerning publication of original material as any other papers submitted to any other journal.

  • Because of the anticipated number of manuscripts, please do not submit if you are not willing to review another manuscript.

  • Manuscripts are due by April 15, 2018 (marked for the PQE special issue).
Instructions for paper submission:

Manuscripts are due by April 15, 2018 to ensure publication in the special issue. If you need more time than this, or if you have difficulty with the online submission system, please contact either George or Frank at the addresses below.

Editorial contacts:

George R. Welch    [ grw (at) tamu (dot) edu ]
Frank A. Narducci    [ frank.narducci (at) nps (dot) edu ]

Organizing Committee: Olga Kocharovskaya, Virgil Sanders, George R. Welch, and Marlan O. Scully.

Please direct enquiries to the following addresses:

For scheduling: Virgil Sanders, [ virgil.sanders (at) gmail (dot) com ]
Regarding the program: Olga Kocharovskaya, [ kochar (at) physics (dot) tamu (dot) edu ]
Abstracts, payments, registration, and the web site in general: George Welch, [ pqe (at) pqeconference (dot) com ]