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 PQE-2016 — January 3-8, 2016 — Snowbird, Utah, USA
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Instructions for Participants — PQE-2016:

  • The dates for PQE-2016 are January 3-8, 2016. The reception for the Lamb Award winners will be in the evening on Sunday, January 3, 2016. The conference sessions will then be Monday, January 4 through Friday evening, January 8.
  • Please try to attend the entire conference. This means staying through Friday evening. No one likes for their audience to be only the other speakers. The only way the meeting can work is if all participants attend as many talks as possible.
  • All attendees are expected to pay the modest registration fee of US$395. Unlike other meetings, PQE is not supported by any grants or agencies, and only gets revenue from the registration fee. If we waive the fee for some attendees, then we would have to raise it for the other people. We feel it is better to try to keep it low. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Participants must make hotel reservations and their own travel plans. The hotel deadline is December 1. This is a pretty hard deadline! Snowbird is a premier ski resort and the conference is at peak season, so there will be demand for the rooms.
  • All Presentations need a title and abstract. Please upload your title and abstract here.
  • Speakers:
    • Talk duration:
      • Plenary talks are 30 minutes, including questions and laptop setup.
      • Invited talks are 20 minutes, including questions and laptop setup.
    • The meeting rooms will have LCD projectors (aka beamers). Computers are not provided. You may use your own computer, or you may make arrangements to share with some other speaker in your session.
    • Old style overhead projectors are not generally provided. If you must have an old-style overhead projector, please contact the organizers at the email address below.
    • The LCD projectors (aka beamers) that are provided have standard XGA (1024x768) interfaces. If you have a higher resolution laptop, please adjust it accordingly. The connector is a standard VGA-style connector. If you have a Macintosh computer that needs an adapter, please do not forget to bring it.
    • If you plan to use your computer with the LCD projectors that are provided, please learn to use your computer before your talk begins. The sessions must proceed on time, so the time for configuring your laptop must be included in your speaking time. The conference organizers cannot usually know how to connect your computer for you.
  • Posters:
    • Posters may be put up starting on Wednesday, January 6.
    • Posters must be no larger than about 110 cm (44 US inches) wide and high.
    • There will be a lot of food during the poster session.
    • Please remove your posters before leaving the conference.
    • Remember, if you are presenting a talk, you can also have a poster in the poster session. This can have the same title and abstract, or different.
  • The sessions are morning and evening, so your afternoons are free. Morning sessions begin with breakfast at 7:00 a.m., and the first talk is at 7:30 a.m. Evening sessions start at 7:00 p.m. On Thursday there will be the poster session starting before the evening session.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions, or if we can help you in some way, please contact us by email at the address below.

Organizing Committee: Olga Kocharovskaya, Virgil Sanders, and Marlan O. Scully.

Please direct any enquiries by email to:  [ virgil.sanders (at) gmail (dot) com ]