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 PQE-2016 — January 3-8, 2016 — Snowbird, Utah, USA
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Instructions for Session Organizers — PQE-2016:


First, please note the dates for PQE-2016 are Jan 3-8, 2016. The reception for the Lamb-medal winners will be in the evening on Sunday, January 3, 2016. The conference sessions will then be Monday, January 4 through Friday evening, January 8.


The conference runs from early morning on Monday, January 4 through evening on Friday, January 8, 2016. Please encourage your invited speakers to attend as much of the conference as possible.

Session Structure:

Usually when you are invited to be a plenary speaker, you are expected to organize a session around your talk. That is, you will invite some speakers whose talks would follow yours in a break-out session. (The plenary talks are followed by 3-4 parallel sessions.) Plenary talks are 30 minutes, and invited talks are 20 minutes.

Sessions at PQE consist of either:

  • 1 Plenary + 3 Invited talks
  • 1 Plenary + 4 Invited talks

So, you see what kind of sessions there are, and what should be avoided. For example, if you have 1 Plenary and 5 invited, it would cause a difficult scheduling problem.

Multiple Sessions:

Normally, you would organize one session, but some of you may have been authorized to form more than one. If this is so, please keep the above constraints in mind. For example, if you are authorized to fill more than one session, you might have 1 Plenary and 7 talks.

Normally, you will only plan for one plenary talk, even if you are filling multiple sessions. This is because there will be some plenary speakers who do not have a session.

Poster Session and Stand By:

When organizing a session, you may want to have someone as standby in case one of your speakers drops out late in the planning. PQE makes this easy with a very nice Poster session on the last day of the conference. Thus, you can invite an extra person to be only giving a poster, but who could be "promoted" to a talk if necessary.


Please inform your invited speakers that the conference cannot provide any financial support for speakers. All attendees are expected to pay the modest registration fee of US$395. Unlike other meetings, PQE is not supported by any grants or agencies, and only gets revenue from the registration fee. If we waive the fee for some attendees, then we would have to raise it for the other people. We feel it is better to try to keep it low. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions, or if we can help you in some way, please contact us by email at the address below.

Organizing Committee: Olga Kocharovskaya, Virgil Sanders, and Marlan O. Scully.

Please direct any enquiries by email to:  [ virgil.sanders (at) gmail (dot) com ]