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 PQE-2015 — January 4-8, 2015 — Snowbird, Utah, USA
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Book of Abstracts

As usual, we have collected and distributed abstracts for this meeting. Enormous care has been taken to do this well, but at the same time to give participants the freedom to submit abstracts as they like. No constraints were given over the style of the abstracts, other than that they had to fit in a given area. Nonetheless, as you can see most contributors have taken care to supply a useful document. The organizers greatly appreciate all this effort.

At the time the book of abstracts was sent to be printed, 273 abstracts have been submitted.

We present here two versions of the abstract book.

  • A version with the original abstracts as submitted by the participants. (Note: 264 Megabyte download.)
  • A second version in which the PDF file submitted by the participants have been rendered into 600 dpi monochrome bitmaps using the pdftoppm open source software, which is part of the xpdf software suite. (Note: 661 Megabyte download.)

If you are interested in why there are two versions, keep reading.

Although the “P” in PDF stands for “Portable”, these files are often not as portable as some people would like. Issues of font embedding are among the worst, but versioning issues also persist, and there are others. It was our desire that when you submit your abstract, we show you exactly what it would look like when we printed it. If we attempt to print your PDF files directly, we could never be sure that what we print was what you expected. By rendering the file to bitmaps immediately after they were submitted, and showing you the resulting bitmap, we could at least make sure that you knew what you would get.

None of this required us to render the files to monochrome, but that was to save on printing cost.

Besides, the xpdf rendering software is very mature, open source, and really cool.

Organizing Committee: Marlan O. Scully and George R. Welch.

Please direct any enquiries by email to:  [ pqe (at) pqeconference (dot) com ]