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 PQE-2011 -- January 2-6, 2011 --- Snowbird, Utah, USA
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Lamb Award
This was the conference schedule:
 •  Sunday, January 2, 2011: Evening Reception in honor of the Lamb Award Winners.
 •  Monday, January 3, 2011 – Thursday, January 6, 2011: Technical program.
 •  January 5-6, 2011: Poster Session

Here is the entire schedule.

Here is a list of the posters.

Here is a nicely formatted version in PDF of the conference schedule.

Here is a nicely formatted list in PDF of all the participants with affiliations and talk titles. (Note: it says PQE-2010. That is a typographical error; it is really 2011.)

Abstract Book. Warning, these are large downloads!

  • Here is a version including the original PDF abstract files uploaded by the participants (43.7 Megabyte download).
  • Here is a 600 dpi monochrome rendering suitable for printing (59.6 Megabyte download).

Organizing Committee

  • Marlan O. Scully and George R. Welch.
    Please direct any enquiries by email to:  [ pqe (at) pqeconference (dot) com ]