Program — PQE-2010

Note: all plenary talks are 30 minutes including questions, and all invited talks are 20 minutes including questions.
(Posters are listed at the end of this program.)

Monday, January 4 2010

Monday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:25 George R. Welch, Texas A&M University (Welcome)
   ‘‘Welcoming Remarks’’
7:30 Colin McKinstrie, Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent (Recent advances in fiber-based devices)
   ‘‘Recent advances in fiber-based devices’’ [PDF]
8:00 Andy Kung, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (Attosecond Pulses and Arbitrary Waveforms via Molecular Modulation)
   ‘‘Waveform Synthesis using Frequency Combs Generated by Molecular Modulation’’ [PDF]
8:30 Ralf Röhlsberger, Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY (Nuclear Gamma-ray Superradiance)
   ‘‘The collective Lamb shift in Nuclear Resonant Scattering’’ [PDF]
Monday Morning Invited Session 1
  Recent advances in fiber-based devices Attosecond Pulses and Arbitrary Waveforms via Molecular Modulation Nuclear Gamma-ray Superradiance
9:10    Stojan Radic, University of California San Diego
‘‘Distributed Mixer Engineering with Molecular-Scale Accuracy’’ [PDF]
Deniz D. Yavuz, University of Wisconsin at Madison
‘‘Continuous-Wave Raman Generation in Molecules’’ [PDF]
Adriana Palffy, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg
‘‘X-ray single-photon entanglement via coherent control of nuclei’’ [PDF]
9:30    Takayuki Kurosu, National Insititute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
‘‘Parametric Delay Dispersion Tuner’’ [PDF]
Fetah Benabid, University of Bath
‘‘Towards a CW photonic intensity waveform synthesizer’’ [PDF]
Jörg Evers, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
‘‘Yoctosecond photon pulses from quark-gluon plasmas’’ [PDF]
9:50    Andreas O. J. Wiberg, University of California San Diego
‘‘Polychromatic Parametric Processing of Ultrafast Fields’’ [PDF]
Masayuki Katsuragawa, University of Electro- Communications, Japan
‘‘Efficient generation of Raman-type otptical frequency comb in an enhancement cavity’’
Bernhard Adams, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘Manipulation of nuclear γ-ray superradiance’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Monday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:30 Jun Ye, JILA/NIST, and University of Colorado (Cold Molecules)
   ‘‘Polar molecules - dipolar collisions and ultracold chemistry’’ [PDF]
11:00 Martin Wegener, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Metamaterials)
   ‘‘Towards 3D photonic metamaterials’’ [PDF]
Monday Morning Invited Session 2
  Recent advances in fiber-based devices Attosecond Pulses and Arbitrary Waveforms via Molecular Modulation Cold Molecules Metamaterials
11:40    Michael Vasilyev, University of Texas at Arlington
‘‘Multichannel all-optical regeneration’’ [PDF]
Miaochan Zhi, Texas A&M University
‘‘Broadband light generation in CVD single crystal diamond’’ [PDF]
Samuel Meek, Max Planck Berlin
‘‘Taming molecular beams; towards a molecular laboratory on a chip’’ [PDF]
[Title Not Entered]
12:00    Nathan Newbury, NIST
‘‘Fiber-based frequency combs and some precision measurement applications’’ [PDF]
Chao-Kuei Lee, NSYSU
‘‘Measurement of Octave-spanning Raman Generated Ultrafast Pulses’’ [PDF]
Johann Georg Danzl, University of Innsbruck
‘‘An ultracold, high-density sample of rovibronic ground-state molecules in an optical lattice’’ [PDF]
Costas Soukoulis, Ames Laboratory
[Title Not Entered]
   Novel Optics   
12:20    Brian J. Smith, University of Oxford
‘‘Photon-pair generation in birefringent fibers’’ [PDF]
Vaclav Spicka, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
‘‘Fast dynamics of mesoscopic systems’’ [PDF]
William C. Stwalley, University of Connecticut
‘‘The electronic spectroscopy of ultracold KRb molecules’’ [PDF]
Herbert O. Moser, National University of Singapore
‘‘THz meta-foil – a platform for practical applications of metamaterials’’ [PDF]
12:40    Jingyun Fan, University of Maryland and NIST
‘‘High-brightness and -fidelity photon sources’’ [PDF]
  Matthias Weidemüller, University of Heidelberg
‘‘Ultracold Polar Molecules in the Rovibrational Ground State’’ [PDF]
Nick Fang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘‘Molding the Flow of Light and Sound With Metamaterials’’ [PDF]
-- Evening --
Monday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Nat Fisch, Princeton University (Wave compression in various media)
   ‘‘Compressing Waves in Plasma’’ [PDF]
19:30 Richard Mathies, University of California Berkeley (Stimulated Raman Scattering in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)
   ‘‘Femtosecond Time-Resolved Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy’’ [PDF]
20:00 Nikolay Zheludev, University of Southampton (Metamaterials 2 -- Nonlinear Metamaterials)
   ‘‘Nonlinear and Switchable Metamaterials’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Monday Evening Invited Session
  Wave compression in various media Stimulated Raman Scattering in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Cold Molecules Metamaterials 2 -- Nonlinear Metamaterials
20:50    Robert Kirkwood, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
‘‘Using non-linear Raman amplification in a plasma to increase laser power and improve coupling to fusion targets at large laser facilities’’ [PDF]
Satoshi Takeuchi, RIKEN
‘‘Capturing structural snapshots of reacting molecules by femtosecond time-domain Raman spectroscopy’’ [PDF]
Lincoln D. Carr, Colorado School of Mines
‘‘Tunable Molecular Quantum Many Body Dynamics’’ [PDF]
Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania
‘‘Nonlinear Nanostructures in Metactronics’’ [PDF]
21:10    Nikolai Yampolsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory
‘‘Demonstration of detuning and wavebreaking effects on laser amplification by means of backward Raman scattering in plasma’’ [PDF]
Valery Milner, University of British Columbia
‘‘Narrow-band correlation spectroscopy with broad-band laser pulses’’ [PDF]
Robin Cote, University of Connecticut
‘‘Coherent manipulation of ultracold polar molecules’’ [PDF]
Steven M. Anlage, University of Maryland
‘‘Smaller, Faster, Colder: Superconducting Metamaterials’’ [PDF]
21:30    Ilya Dodin, Princeton University
‘‘Compressing linear waves trapped in plasma’’ [PDF]
Vladislav V. Yakovlev, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
‘‘Biomedical applications of stimulated Raman scattering’’ [PDF]
Roman Krems, University of British Columbia
‘‘Collision dynamics of molecules and rotational excitons in an ultracold gas confined by an optical lattice’’ [PDF]
Willie Padilla, Boston College
‘‘Infrared Metamaterials for Controlling Blackbody Emission’’ [PDF]
21:50    Tenio Popmintchev, JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder
‘‘Laser Pulse Self-Compression and Phase Matching of High Harmonic Generation at 0.5 keV’’ [PDF]
George R. Welch, Texas A&M University
‘‘Heterodyne Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering for spectral phase retrieval and signal amplification’’ [PDF]
Paul Julienne, NIST Joint Quantum Institute
‘‘Universal reaction rates for ultracold molecular collisions’’ [PDF]
Steve Brueck, University of New Mexico
‘‘Large-Area Linear and Nonlinear Nanophotonics’’ [PDF]

Tuesday, January 5 2010

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Naomi Halas, Rice University (Frontiers of plasmonics)
   ‘‘Optically responsive complexes for nanomedicine’’ [PDF]
8:00 Shaul Mukamel, University of California, Irvine (Nonlinear Spectroscopy with Shaped Pulses and Entangled Photons)
   ‘‘Stimulated CARS Resonances Revisited: Double-slit Interference of Two-photon Pathways’’ [PDF]
8:30 Leonid Butov, University of California San Diego (Exciton Condensates)
   ‘‘Exciton Condensates’’ [PDF]
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Frontiers of plasmonics Nonlinear Spectroscopy with Shaped Pulses and Entangled Photons Exciton Condensates Localization of Light
9:10    Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Plasmonics at the dielectric/metal transition and plasmonic networks’’ [PDF]
Valentyn Prokhorenko, University of Toronto, Canada
‘‘Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopies with Coherent Control Capabilities’’ [PDF]
Michael Lilly, Sandia National Laboratories
‘‘Electrical transport techniques to probe the ground state of closely spaced electron-hole bilayers’’ [PDF]
Mark D. Havey, Old Dominion University
‘‘Light scattering in high density and ultracold Rb’’ [PDF]
9:30    Jonathan Fan, Harvard University
‘‘Fano Interference in Self-Assembled Plasmonic Nanoparticle Clusters’’ [PDF]
Ted Goodson, University of Michigan
‘‘Entangle Photon Spectroscopy of Organic Molecules’’ [PDF]
Alexey Kavokin, University of Rome II
‘‘Superconductivity mediated by a Bose-Einstein condensate of exciton-polaritons’’ [PDF]
Igor M. Sokolov, State Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg
‘‘Light scattering from high density ultracold atomic clouds’’ [PDF]
9:50    Mikael Käll, Chalmers University of Technology
‘‘Alignement, Rotation and Spinning of Plasmonic Nanoparticles using Polarization Dependent Optical Forces’’ [PDF]
Scott Papp, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Characterizing multipartite entanglement with uncertainty relations’’ [PDF]
Barbara Pietka, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
‘‘Condensation of exciton-polaritons in a semiconductor microcavity’’ [PDF]
Sergey Skipetrov, CNRS and Joseph Fourier University
‘‘Self-consistent theory of Anderson localization’’ [PDF]
10:10    Stefan Maier, Imperial College London
‘‘Concepts for spectral and spatial mode tailoring of optical plasmonic nanocavities and THz plasmonic metamaterials’’ [PDF]
Marcos Dantus, Michigan State University
‘‘Strategies for coherent spectroscopy based on a single broad bandwidth shaped pulse’’ [PDF]
Vittorio Pellegrini, NEST CNR-INFM and Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa (Italy)
‘‘Seeing inter-layer excitonic coherence in the excitations of electron double layers’’ [PDF]
Andrey Chabanov, University of Texas at San Antonio
‘‘Statistics of Fluctuations and Correlation of Localized Waves’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Tamar Seideman, Northwestern University (New Directions in Coherent Alignment)
   ‘‘Spinning Tops in External Fields. From High Harmonic Generation to Control of Transport in the Nanoscale’’ [PDF]
11:20 Wolfgang Schleich, Universität Ulm (Free-Electron Lasers)
    [Title Not Entered]
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
  Frontiers of plasmonics New Directions in Coherent Alignment Free-Electron Lasers Novel Optics
12:00    Peter Nordlander, Rice University
‘‘Quantum descriptiuon of plasmons in strongly coupled metallic nanostructures’’ [PDF]
Yehiam Prior, Weizmann Institute of Science
‘‘Molecular Alignment – Small And Large, Slow And Fast’’ [PDF]
Roland Sauerbrey, Research Centre Dresden-Rossendorf (FZD)
‘‘High Intensity Lasers as Undulators for FEL’s’’ [PDF]
Martin Richardson, CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics
‘‘A new kid on the block - the thulium fiber laser’’ [PDF]
12:20    Lukas Novotny, University of Rochester
‘‘‘Free-Space Excitation of Propagating Surface Plasmon Polaritons’’ [PDF]
Edward Hamilton, Grand Valley State University
‘‘Control of the alignment dynamics of asymmetric top molecules by means of laser pulses’’ [PDF]
Paul Preiss, Universität Ulm
‘‘On the Quantum Theory of the FEL’’ [PDF]
M. Howard Lee, University of Georgia
‘‘Superstable 3-cycle in the logistic map and Sharkovskii’s theorem’’ [PDF]
12:40    Mark I. Stockman, Georgia State University
‘‘New Horizons of Nanoplasmonics: from SPASER to Attoseconds’’ [PDF]
See Leang Chin, Laval University
‘‘Femtosecond laser filamentation and molecular rotation’’ [PDF]
  Theo Nieuwenhuizen, University of Amsterdam
‘‘Black holes with hair as a normal state of matter’’ [PDF]
-- Evening --
Tuesday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Paolo Nussenzveig, Instituto de Fisica -- USP, Brazil (Quantum Information with Continuous Variables)
   ‘‘Three-color entanglement: generation characteristics and robustness’’ [PDF]
19:30 Ron Folman, Ben-Gurion University (Spatial interferometry on atom chips)
   ‘‘Atom chips: one decade of ultra cold atoms microns from a surface’’ [PDF]
20:00 Ralf Schützhold, Universität Duisburg-Essen (Unruh Effect)
   ‘‘Fundamental effects from a quantum optics perspective’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Tuesday Evening Invited Session
  Plasmonics 2 Quantum Information with Continuous Variables Spatial interferometry on atom chips Unruh Effect
20:50    Alexandra Boltasseva, TU Denmark / Purdue University
‘‘Searching for Better Plasmonic Materials’’ [PDF]
Ulrik Andersen, Technical University of Denmark
‘‘Quantum coherence of continuous variable systems can survive complete loss’’ [PDF]
Romain Long, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
‘‘Transition from atom number bunching to antibunching in a double-well potential on an atom chip’’ [PDF]
Serge Reynaud, Ecole normale supérieure Paris
‘‘Dynamical Casimir radiation and analogues’’ [PDF]
21:10    Norbert Kroó, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
‘‘Multiplasmon processes in enhanced laser fields’’ [PDF]
Alexander Gaeta, Cornell University
[Title Not Entered]
Peter Krüger, University of Nottingham
‘‘A radio-frequency based integrated atom interferometer and the 1d Bose gas’’ [PDF]
Eric Akkermans, The Technion, Israel
‘‘Casimir effect and other QED vacuum properties from the viewpoint of Shannon information’’
21:30    Mikhail A. Noginov, Norfolk State University
‘‘Loss Reduction and Stimulated Emission in Nanoplasmonic Systems’’ [PDF]
Peter van Loock, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
‘‘A note on quantum error correction with continuous variables’’ [PDF]
Max Riedel, LMU and MPQ Munich
‘‘Atom chip based generation of entanglement for quantum metrology’’ [PDF]
Gerald Dunne, University of Connecticut
‘‘The Schwinger Effect: Nonperturbative Pair Production from Vacuum’’ [PDF]
21:50    Gennady Shvets, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Slow light in plasmonic metamaterials: the double-Fano resonance approach’’ [PDF]
Stephen P. Walborn, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
‘‘Non-Gaussian Entanglement with Spatial Variables of Photons’’ [PDF]
[Title Not Entered]
Miles P. Blencowe, Dartmouth College
‘‘Analogue Hawking Radiation in a Superconducting Circuit’’ [PDF]

Wednesday, January 6 2010

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 John Pendry, Imperial College London (Metamaterials 3 -- Transformation Optics)
   ‘‘Transformation Optics & the Control of Electromagnetic Radiation’’ [PDF]
8:00 Vladimir M. Shalaev, Purdue University (Metamaterials 4 -- New Concepts in Metamaterials)
   ‘‘Transforming Light with Metamaterials’’ [PDF]
8:30 Aleksei Zheltikov, Moscow State University (Plenary Session)
   ‘‘Ultrafast guided-wave photonics: Colorful ways to tailor ultrashort optical field waveforms’’ [PDF]
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Metamaterials 3 -- Transformation Optics High Frequency and High Energy Lasers Semiconductor Lasers 2 Coherent Spectroscopy and Quantum Control
9:10    Xiang Zhang, University of California Berkeley
‘‘Optical cloaking and Plasmon lasers’’ [PDF]
Jorge J. Rocca, Colorado State University
‘‘Table-top soft x-ray lasers with shorter wavelengths and smaller size’’ [PDF]
Claire Gmachl, Princeton University
‘‘Highly power-efficient Quantum Cascade lasers’’ [PDF]
Anita Goel, Nanobiosym
‘‘Quantum Frontiers of Nano-Bio-Physics’’
9:30    Che-ting Chan, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
‘‘Illusion effects created using transformation optics’’ [PDF]
Carmen Menoni, Colorado State University
‘Nanoscale imaging and patterning using bright beams of soft x-ray light from table-top lasers’’ [PDF]
Cun-Zheng Ning, Arizona State University
‘‘More Gain with More Loss: Metals as Gain Enhancers and Plasmonic Nanolasers’’ [PDF]
Alexei Sokolov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Backward mirror-less lasing achieved through pump pulse shaping’’ [PDF]
9:50    Michal Lipson, Cornell University
‘‘Transformational optics in the optical regime using nanophotonic structures’’ [PDF]
Eyob A. Sete, Texas A&M University
‘‘Transient XUV lasing without inversion via He triplet states’’ [PDF]
Vassilios Kovanis, Air Force Research Laboratory
‘‘Nonlinear dynamics of photonic circuits: gain lever, optical injection and coupled lasers’’ [PDF]
Kazuhiko Misawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
‘‘Sensitive detection of inhalational anesthetic molecules by heterodyne-detected single-beam CARS using adaptively phase-modulated femtosecond pulses’’ [PDF]
10:10    David Smith, Duke University
‘‘Controlling light with transformation optical metamaterials’’
Szymon Suckewer, Princeton University
‘‘Coherently Driven Transitions in He atoms and He-Like Ions for XUV and X-Ray Lasing: Approach to Experiments’’ [PDF]
Mike Wanke, Sandia National Laboratory
‘‘THz transceivers’’ [PDF]
Svetlana Malinovskaya, Stevens Institute of Technology
‘‘Adiabatic Raman Passage Using an Optical Frequency Comb’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Lamb Award (Lamb Award)
   ‘‘The presentation of the 2010 Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics’’
11:20 Mark A. Kasevich, Stanford University (Bose-Einstein condensates)
   ‘‘Quantum Simulation with Bose-Einstein Condensed Atoms and High Finesse Optical Cavities’’ [PDF]
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
  Metamaterials 4 -- New Concepts in Metamaterials Quantum Information, Computing, and Imaging Bose-Einstein condensates Novel Optics
12:00    Eugeni Narimanov, Purdue University
‘‘Infinite at Any Frequency: the photonic density of states in (meta)materials with hyperbolic dispersion and related phenomena’’ [PDF]
Claude Fabre, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
‘‘Quantum information processing and clock synchronization beyond the standard quantum limit using quantum frequency combs’’ [PDF]
Vanderlei S. Bagnato, IFSC/ Univeristy of Sao Paulo
‘‘Emergence of Turbulence in a BEC’’ [PDF]
Leon Cohen, City University of New York (Hunter College)
‘‘The propagation of noise fields in a dispersive medium’’ [PDF]
12:20    Ivdar Gabitov, University of Arizona
‘‘Coherent loss compensation in optical metamaterials’’ [PDF]
Walter C. Daugherity, Texas A&M University
‘‘Quantum-Type Reversible Circuits and Algorithms’’ [PDF]
Yu-Ju Lin, NIST Gaithersburg and Univeristy of Maryland
‘‘Optically synthesized magnetic fields for ultracold neutral atoms’’ [PDF]
Patrick Loughlin, University of Pittsburgh
‘‘Local duration-bandwidth product of a propagating pulse’’ [PDF]
12:40    Natalia Litchinitser, University at Buffalo
‘‘Transition Metamaterials’’ [PDF]
Robert W. Boyd, University of Rochester
‘‘New Results in Quantum Imaging’’ [PDF]
Juan Pino, JILA
‘‘Counting phonons: a new window into strongly interacting superfluid’’ [PDF]
Koryun Oganesyan, Yerevan Physics Institute
‘‘Theory of Smith-Purcell Radiation from Rough Surfaces’’ [PDF]
-- Evening --
Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Hui Cao, Yale University (Lasing in Random Media)
   ‘‘Recent Developments of Random Lasers’’ [PDF]
19:30 Howard Wiseman, Griffith University (Quantum Information Processing)
   ‘‘Platonic Love at a Distance’’ [PDF]
20:00 Chris Greene, University of Colorado (Mixtures and Spinors I)
   ‘‘Ultracold 4-body systems and the Efimov effect’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Wednesday Evening Invited Session
  Lasing in Random Media Quantum Information Processing Mixtures and Spinors I Quantum Optics
20:50    Robin Kaiser, CNRS, France
‘‘Random Lasing with Cold Atoms’’ [PDF]
Bryan Jacobs, Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
‘‘Hybrid Information Processing’’
Eddy Timmermans, Los Alamos National Laboratory
‘‘Pseudo-spin-spin interactions, hysteresis and macroscopic tunneling in ultra-cold atoms’’ [PDF]
Sándor Varró, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
‘‘Correlations in single-quantum experiments. A note on wave-particle duality’’ [PDF]
21:10    Martin Weitz, Universität Bonn
‘‘Two-dimensional blackbody radiation from an optical microresonator’’ [PDF]
Louis H. Kauffman, Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago
‘‘Topological Quantum Information Theory’’ [PDF]
Fei Zhou, University of British Columbia
‘‘Beyond mean-field spin dynamics’’ [PDF]
Thomas Becker, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
‘‘New spectroscopic techniques for Rydberg atoms’’ [PDF]
21:30    Hakan Tureci, ETH Zurich
‘‘Nature of lasing modes in weakly scattering disordered media’’ [PDF]
Yaakov Weinstein, Mitre Corporation
‘‘Constructing Photonic Cluster States for Quantum Computattion’’ [PDF]
Ludwig Mathey, NIST, Gaithersburg
‘‘Supercritical superfluid and vortex unbinding following a quantum quench’’ [PDF]
Frank A. Narducci, Naval Air Systems Command
‘‘Recoil-induced resonances for temperature measurements and all-optical switching’’ [PDF]
21:50    Johann Kroha, University of Bonn
‘‘Selfconsistent transport theory of diffusive random lasers’’ [PDF]
Howard E. Brandt, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
‘‘Jacobi Fields in Quantum Circuit Complexity Analysis’’ [PDF]
Hossein Sadeghpour, ITAMP/Harvard University
‘‘Cold dimer formation and other spin relaxation processes in a buffer-gas cooled magnetic trap’’ [PDF]
Edward S. Fry, Texas A&M University
‘‘Ring-Down Spectroscopy in an Integrating Cavity’’ [PDF]

Thursday, January 7 2010

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Hyatt M. Gibbs, University of Arizona (Semiconductor Lasers 1)
   ‘‘Strongly Coupled Single-Quantum-Dot Nanocavity System: From Vacuum Rabi Splitting to Lasing’’ [PDF]
8:00 Stefan Kröll, Lund University (Quantum coherence effects in solids)
   ‘‘Coherent interactions in rare earth ion doped crystals for quantum memory and quantum computer development’’ [PDF]
8:30 Elisabeth Giacobino, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, CNRS, UPMC, ENS, Paris (Quantum coherence effects in solids)
   ‘‘Superfluidity of polaritons in semiconductor microcavities’’ [PDF]
Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
  Semiconductor Lasers 1 Quantum coherence effects in solids Mixtures and Spinors II Matter Wave Localization
9:10    Mikhail Belkin, The University of Texas at Austin
‘‘THz quantum cascade laser sources for room-temperature operation’’ [PDF]
Olga Kocharovskaya, Texas A&M University
‘‘Study of ions interactions in solids by means of EIT’’ [PDF]
Li You, QingHua University
‘‘Mixtures for two spin-1 condensates’’ [PDF]
Giacomo Roati, LENS, University of Florence
‘‘A tunable Bose-Einstein condensate in disordered potentials’’ [PDF]
9:30    Alexey Belyanin, Texas A&M University
‘‘Instabilities, multimode dynamics, and ultrafast modulation of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers’’ [PDF]
Philip Hemmer, Texas A&M University
‘‘High resolution single spin imaging with NV diamond’’ [PDF]
Doerte Blume, Washington State University
‘‘s-wave interacting Fermi gas under harmonic confinement’’ [PDF]
Scott Pollack, Rice University
‘‘Interaction Effects in Anderson Localization of an Ultracold Atomic Gas’’ [PDF]
9:50    Daniel Wasserman, University of Massachusetts Lowell
‘‘Mid-infrared Plasmonics’’ [PDF]
Torsten Siebert, Freie Universitaet Berlin
‘‘Towards Supercontinuum Spectroscopy and   Control of Ultrafast Molecular Processes’’
Klaus Ziegler, Institut fuer Physik, Universitaet Augsburg
‘‘Anderson localization in fermionic mixtures’’ [PDF]
Pascal Szriftgiser, Laboratoire PhLAM, CNRS, USTL
‘‘The Anderson metal-insulator transition with atomic matter waves’’ [PDF]
10:10    Patrice Genevet, Texas A&M University
‘‘Experimental observation of Localized vortices in semiconductor Lasers’’ [PDF]
Victor Acosta, University of California Berkeley
‘‘Perfect defects? Spin-ensemble magnetometry with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond’’ [PDF]
Ofir E. Alon, University of Heidelberg
‘‘Interferences with distinguishable BECs and more’’ [PDF]
Russell Hart, University of Innsbruck
‘‘Metal-Insulator Transitions and Transport of Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Thursday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Douglas Stone, Yale University (Novel and complex laser structures)
   ‘‘Novel Lasing Structures and Phenomena from Ab Initio Theory’’ [PDF]
11:20 Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M and Princeton University (Quantum Solar Energy)
   ‘‘The Quantum Solar Cell: Using quantum thermodynamics to mitigate recombination and enhance efficiency’’ [PDF]
Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
  Novel and complex laser structures Quantum coherence effects in solids Bose-Einstein condensates Quantum Solar Energy
12:00    Marin Soljacic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Novel platforms for light sources’’ [PDF]
Philippe Goldner, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris
‘‘Coherent Collective Emission in a Random Medium’’ [PDF]
Christoph Weiss, University of Oldenburg
‘‘Mesoscopic quantum superpositions of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a periodically shaken double well’’ [PDF]
Ting Shan (Willie) Luk, Sandia National Laboratory
‘‘Enhanced spontaneous emission from photonic crystal microcavities’’ [PDF]
12:20    Lei Xu, Fudan University, Shanghai
‘‘Coupled Microcavities for Single Mode Lasing and Biosensing’’ [PDF]
Thierry Chanelière, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton - CNRS
‘‘Few photons storage in thulium doped crystals’’ [PDF]
Vitaly Kocharovsky, Texas A&M University
‘‘Analytical solution for BEC critical phenomena’’ [PDF]
Oleksiy Roslyak, Hunter College, CUNY
‘‘Signatures of carrier multiplication in polariton fluorescence spectra’’ [PDF]
12:40    Qijie Wang, Nanyang Technological University
‘‘Directional emission from deformed microcavities’’ [PDF]
Sergey Polyakov, NIST
‘‘Towards DLCZ-type solid state quantum memory: tailored state preparation’’
Adilet Imambekov, Rice University
‘‘Exact Solution for 1D Spin-Polarized Fermions with Resonant Interactions’’ [PDF]
Anatoly Svidzinsky, Texas A&M University
‘‘Design of a quantum dot (well) solar energy convertor utilizing wide solar spectrum’’ [PDF]
-- Evening --
Thursday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Kent D. Choquette, University of Illinois (Semiconductor Lasers 3)
   ‘‘ ‘Green’ Photonic Laser Sources’’ [PDF]
19:30 Yuri Rostovtsev, University of North Texas (Quantum systems and ultra short pulses: time and space)
   ‘‘Quantum coherence excited by far-detuned optical pulses: generation of X-ray and nuclear radiation’’ [PDF]
20:00 Peter D. Keefe, Keefe and Associates (Intellectual Property)
   ‘‘Intellectual Property’’ [PDF]
-- Break --
Thursday Evening Invited Session
  Semiconductor Lasers 3 Quantum systems and ultra short pulses: time and space Intellectual Property Quantum Carpets
20:50    J. Gary Eden, University of Illinois
‘‘Microcavity Plasma Arrays and Coupling of Semiconductor and Gas Phase Plasmas’’ [PDF]
Thomas Pfeifer, Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
‘‘Measurement and CEP control of isolated attosecond pulse contrast’’ [PDF]
William Blackman, Carrier, Blackman & Associates
‘‘Obtaining a Patent’’ [PDF]
Kenji Ohmori, Institute for Molecular Science, Japan
‘‘Spatiotemporal coherent control with picometer and attosecond precision; From cold molecules to bulk solids’’ [PDF]
21:10    Ravi Jain, University of New Mexico
‘‘Diode-pumped High-Power Mid-IR Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers’’
Hebin Li, Texas A&M University
‘‘Carrier-envelop phase effect of RF pulses: sine vs cosine’’ [PDF]
Dave Morrison, University of Utah
‘‘Searching U.S. And Foreign Patents For Related Technologies’’ [PDF]
William Case, Grinnell College
‘‘Optical Carpets from the Talbot and Talbot-Lau Effects’’ [PDF]
21:30    Weng Chow, Sandia National Laboratory
‘‘Solid-state lighting and the efficiency droop problem’’ [PDF]
Hichem Eleuch, Texas A&M University
‘‘Analytical Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation in time and space’’ [PDF]
Howard J. Brubaker
‘‘Marketing Intellectual Property’’ [PDF]
Ernst M. Rasel, Leibniz Universität Hannover
‘‘Giant Matterwaves’’ [PDF]
21:50    Nikolai Stelmakh, University of Texas at Arlington
‘‘Shaping spontaneous emission pattern by plasmonic nanocavity’’ [PDF]
Verònica Ahufinger , ICREA and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
‘‘Coherent patterning of matter waves with subwavelength localization’’ [PDF]
  Lijun Wang, Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light
‘‘Cooling and Stochastic Resonance of a Macroscopic Oscillator’’

Poster Session

Bernhard Adams, ANL
‘‘Quantum Optics with X-Rays’’ [PDF]

Verònica Ahufinger , ICREA and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
‘‘Nonlinear matter wave STIRAP: Coherent control of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a double well potential [PDF]

Dan Allen, Sandia National Laboratories
‘‘Optical bi-stability in terahertz quantum cascade lasers’’ [PDF]

Ulrik Andersen, Technical University of Denmark
‘‘Squeezed light averaging’’ [PDF]

Steven M. Anlage, University of Maryland
‘‘‘Quantum Chaos’ With Classical Waves’’ [PDF]

Doerte Blume, Washington State University
‘‘Tuning the structural and dynamical properties of a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate: Ripples and instability islands’’ [PDF]

Hui Cao, Yale University
‘‘Effects of Partial Pumping on Random Lasing Modes in Weakly Scattering Systems’’ [PDF]

Lincoln D. Carr, Colorado School of Mines
‘‘Metastable quantum phase transitions in a periodic one-dimensional Bose gas’’ [PDF]

Andrey Chabanov, University of Texas at San Antonio
‘‘Nonuniversal dynamic conductance fluctuations in turbid media’’

Yidong Chong, Yale University
‘‘Coherent perfect absorbers’’ [PDF]

Johann Georg Danzl, University of Innsbruck
‘‘An ultracold, high-density sample of rovibronic ground-state molecules in an optical lattice’’

J. Gary Eden, University of Illinois
[Title Not Entered]

Hichem Eleuch, Texas A&M University
‘‘New Analytical Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation’’ [PDF]

Claude Fabre, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
‘‘G2 measurements at the femtosecond scale using two-photon absorption’’

Li Ge, Yale University
‘‘Probing Random Lasers using Ab Initio Self-Consistent Theory’’ [PDF]

George N. Gibson, University of Connecticut
‘‘Dissipative Control in Thermal Ensembles using Tunneling Ionization’’ [PDF]

Ariunbold Gombojav, Texas A&M University
‘‘Fluctuations in Superfluorescence Delay Time’’ [PDF]

Russell Hart, University of Innsbruck
‘‘Metal-Insulator Transitions and Transport of Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices’’

Adilet Imambekov, Rice University
‘‘Exact Solution for 1D Spin-Polarized Fermions with Resonant Interactions’’

Pankaj Kumar Jha, Texas A&M University
‘‘Coherent Control of Three-Photon Absorption under Bichromatic Excitation’’ [PDF]

Robin Kaiser, CNRS, France
‘‘Cooperative Radiation Pressure and Disorder’’ [PDF]

Peter D. Keefe, University of Detroit Mercy
‘‘Quantum Mechanics and the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Can a Superconductor Heat Engine Break the Law?’’ [PDF]

Pavel Kolchin, University of California Berkeley
‘‘Single and Two-Photon Scattering on a Ladder-type Atom in 1D Waveguide’’ [PDF]

Kazuhiko Misawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
‘‘Arbitrary vector field shaping of femtosecond pulses by a phase-locked Mach-Zehnder interferometer’’ [PDF]

Kazuhiko Misawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
‘‘Vibrational wave-packet control in cyanine dye molecules with free and restricted conjugated backbones’’ [PDF]

Paul D. Nation, Dartmouth College
‘‘Evolution of a Trilinear Hamiltonian: Lessons for Hawking Radiation and Information Loss’’ [PDF]

Chris O’Brien, Texas A&M University
‘‘Coherent Control of Optical Fluorescence Channels in 3-Level Systems’’ [PDF]

Koryun Oganesyan, Yerevan Physics Institute
‘‘Coherent Smith-Purcell Radiation in Millimetre Wavelength Region’’

Thomas Pfeifer, Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
‘‘Attosecond control experiments in the quasi-classical and multiphoton regimes’’ [PDF]

Nitipat Pholchai, University of California Berkeley
‘‘Spontaneous Emission into Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide’’ [PDF]

Tamar Seideman, Northwestern University
‘‘Origin and implication of ellipticity in high harmonic generation from aligned molecules’’

Igor M. Sokolov, State Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg
‘‘Light trapping in high-density, ultracold atomic ensembles applied to the quantum memory problem’’ [PDF]

Nikolai Stelmakh, University of Texas at Arlington
‘‘Modes of a travelling-wave phase-sensitive optical parametric amplifier’’ [PDF]

Dong Sun, Texas A&M University
‘‘Control of ElT and Pulse Propagation by Pulse Shaping’’ [PDF]

Andrew Traverso, Texas A&M University
‘‘Optimizing Stand-Off Superradiant Spectroscopy Via a Genetic Algorithm’’ [PDF]

Sándor Varró, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
‘‘Neutron antibunching in a recent experiment’’ [PDF]

Christoph Weiss, University of Oldenburg
‘‘Generating ‘Schrödinger-cat’ states via scattering of quantum matter wave solitons’’ [PDF]

Hui Xia, Princeton University
‘‘Experimental Schemes for Coherently Driven Transitions in He and He-like Ions for XUV and X-Ray Lasing’’ [PDF]

Alexey Yamilov, Missouri Univeresity of Science and Technology
‘‘Classification of regimes of wave transport in non-conservative random media’’ [PDF]

Luqi Yuan, Texas A&M University
‘‘The Study of the Pump-Control-Probe Experiment in Cesium Dimer’’ [PDF]

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