PQE-2008 — Full Program

Monday, January 7 2008

Monday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:25 George R. Welch, Texas A&M University (Welcome)
   Welcoming Remarks
7:30 David Moncton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Emerging Areas in Synchrotron Radiation and X-Ray Physics)
   ‘‘Integrating Laser and Linac Technology for Next Generation X-ray Sources’’
8:00 Robert H. Austin, Princeton University (From glasses to biological motors)
   ‘‘Ratchets in Biology’’
8:30 Tamar Seideman, Northwestern University (New Directions in Coherent Alignment)
   ‘‘New Directions in Nonadiabatic Alignment. From Ultrafast Switches to Guided Molecular Assembly’’
Monday Morning Invited Session 1
  Emerging Areas in Synchrotron Radiation and X-Ray Physics From glasses to biological motors New Directions in Coherent Alignment
9:10    Esen E. Alp, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘Lattice Dynamics of Nanoscale particles via Inelastic X-Ray Scattering’’
Clare Yu, University of California at Irvine
‘‘The Transportation System Inside a Living Cell’’
Linda Young, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘Control of x-ray processes using laser-aligned molecules’’
9:30    Ian Johnson, Paul Scherrer Institute
‘‘Coherent X-rays for Imaging and Dynamic Scattering’’
Dean Astumiuan, University of Maine
‘‘Symmetry relations for trajectories of a Brownian Moleuclar Machine’’
Stephane Guerin, University of Bourgogne
‘‘Optimizing field-free molecular alignment by designed laser pulses’’
9:50    Dean Chapman, University of Saskatchewan
‘‘Medical Imaging’’
Erin Craig, University of Oregon
‘‘Model for myosin-V walking mechanism’’
Margaret Murnane, University of Colorado at Boulder
‘‘Molecular Recollision Interferometry using High Harmonic Generation for Probing Molecular Structure and Dynamics’’
10:10    Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M and Princeton University
‘‘XUV via coherent Raman superradiance 1: concepts and analysis’’
-- Break --
Monday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Randall G. Hulet, Rice University (Pairing of Ultracold Fermions)
   ‘‘Experiments with Ultracold Atomic Fermions at the BEC-BCS Crossover’’
11:20 Peter Nordlander, Rice University (Frontiers of Plasmonics)
   ‘‘Plasmonic Nanostructures: Artificial molecules’’
Monday Morning Invited Session 2
  Superradiance Pairing of Ultracold Fermions Frontiers of Plasmonics Novel Optics
12:00    Yuri Rostovtsev, Texas A&M University
‘‘XUV via coherent Raman superradiance 2: computational results’’
John Thomas, Duke University
‘‘Is a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas a Perfect Fluid?’’
Javier Aizpurua, Donostia Intl. Phys. Ctr., Spain
‘‘Localised plasmons for resonant surface-enhanced spectroscopy’’
M. Howard Lee, University of Georgia
‘‘Birkhoff’s theorem and Ergometer: A meeting of two cultures’’
12:20    Jun-Tao Chang, Texas A&M University
‘‘A new kind of cavity QED: superradiance from a large cloud’’
Kathy Levin, University of Chicago
‘‘Novel States of Matter in Ultracold Fermi Gases’’
Mark Stockman, Georgia State University
‘‘Ultrafast Controlled Nanoplasmonics’’
Leon Cohen, City University of New York (Hunter College)
‘‘Wave propagation in phase space’’
12:40      Erich J. Mueller, Cornell University
‘‘Probes of pairing in strongly interacting Fermi gases -- what can we learn from spectroscopy?’’
Stefan Maier, Imperial College, London (UK)
‘‘Plasmonics throughout the spectrum: Sub-wavelength energy localization from the visible to the THz regime’’
Pat Loughlin, University of Pittsburgh
‘‘A Wigner approximation to wave propagation in a random medium’’
-- Evening --
Monday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Robert W. Boyd, University of Rochester (Slow and Fast Light)
   ‘‘Advances in Slow and Fast Light’’
19:30 Claire Gmachl, Princeton University (Quantum Cascade Lasers)
   ‘‘Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers’’
20:00 Alexei Sokolov, Texas A&M University (Raman Technique for Ultrashort Pulses)
   ‘‘Toward sub-cycle field shaping by molecular modulation in gasses and solids: Raman coherence at work’’
-- Break --
Monday Evening Invited Session
  Slow and Fast Light Quantum Cascade Lasers Frontiers of Plasmonics Raman Technique for Ultrashort Pulses
20:50    Paul Narum, The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
‘‘Fast and slow light - What are the fundamental limitations and what does it actually mean?’’
Mikhail Belkin, Harvard University
‘‘Novel intersubband THz sources for operation above cryogenic temperatures’’
Naomi Halas, Rice University
‘‘Physics and applications at the ‘hot’ metal-molecule interface’’
Masayuki Katsuragawa, University of Electro- Communications, Japan
‘‘Octave-spanning Raman comb generation with absolute phase control’’
21:10    Daniel J. Gauthier, Duke University
‘‘Observation of Stored Light via Stimulated Brillouin Scattering’’
Alexey Belyanin, Texas A&M University
‘‘Mid/far-infrared photodetectors based on quantum coherence in coupled quantum wells’’
Gennady Shvets, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Plasmonic Metamaterials: superlenses, hyperlenses, and negative index materials’’
Andy Kung, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
‘‘Recent progress in single-cycle to sub-cycle optical pulse generation by the Raman technique’’
21:30    John Howell, University of Rochester
‘‘Slow and Stopped Images’’
Weng W. Chow, Sandia National Laboratories
‘‘Quantum coherence in quantum cascade lasers: paths to THz generation and correlated photon emission’’
Norbert Kroó, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
‘‘Nonlinear Plasmonics’’
21:50    George R. Welch, Texas A&M University
‘‘Subwavelength imaging via dark states’’
Gottfried Strasser, SUNY, University at Buffalo
‘‘Recent results on GaAs-based Quantum Cascade lasers’’
Lukas Novotny, University of Rochester
‘‘Enhancing light-matter interactions with optical antennas’’

Tuesday, January 8 2008

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Federico Capasso, Harvard University (Casimir Forces)
   ‘‘Harnessing quantum fluctuations: design, physics, and nanotechnology of Casimir forces and QED torques’’
8:00 Ofir E. Alon, Heidelberg University (Interacting Quantum Gases)
   ‘‘Interacting Bose gases: Multi-orbital mean-field and beyond’’
8:30 John Pendry, Imperial College (Metamaterials)
   ‘‘Progress in Metamaterials - an Overview’’
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Casimir Forces Interacting Quantum Gases Metamaterials
9:10    Gang Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Breakdown of Planck’s Blackbody Radiation Law at Nanoscale’’
Caleb A. Christensen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Atom interferometry experiments with interacting Bose-Einstein condensates’’
Diego Dalvit, Los Alamos National Laboratory
‘‘Engineering Casimir forces with metamaterials’’
9:30    Markus Aspelmeier, Universität Wien
‘‘Laser-cooling and quantum entanglement of micromechanical systems’’
Ana Maria Rey, ITAMP
‘‘Cat state production with ultracold bosons in rotating ring superlattices’’
Vladimir Falko, Lancaster University
‘‘Analogy between p-n junction in graphene and optical metamaterials with negative refraction index’’
9:50    Jeremy Munday, Harvard University
‘‘Measurement of the Casimir force in fluids: from attraction to repulsion’’
David S. Weiss, Pennsylvania State University
‘‘Interacting atoms in optical lattices’’
Willie Padilla, Boston College
‘‘Metamaterials for Novel Devices’’
10:10    Giovanni Carugno, University of Padua
‘‘Dynamic Casimir effect: extracting light from vacuum’’
Yehuda B. Band, Ben-Gurion University
‘‘Interference with Bose-Einstein condensates’’
-- Break --
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Bertrand Girard, LCAR - Université de Toulouse (Wave Packets Dynamics)
   ‘‘Wave packet dynamics and interferences in atoms and molecules’’
11:20 Susanne Yelin, University of Connecticut (Metamaterials)
   ‘‘Negative index of refraction with atomic coherence’’
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
  Novel Optics Wave Packets Dynamics Metamaterials CARS
12:00    Jim Franson, University of Maryland at Baltimore County
‘‘Beyond Bell’s Inequality’’
Helen Fielding, University College, London
‘‘Setting the quantum clock: Localisation of Rydberg wave packets in H2’’
David Smith, Duke University
‘‘Inhomogeneous Metamaterials: From Gradient Index to Transformation Optics’’
Arthur Dogariu, Princeton University
‘‘Real-time Coherent Raman for biological applications’’
12:20    Yanhua Shih, University of Maryland at Baltimore County
‘‘The physics of ghost imaging’’
Kenji Ohmori, Institute for Molecular Sciences, Okazaki
‘‘Tailoring Picometric Quantum Carpets by Controlling Ultrafast Wave-Packet Interference’’
Igor Smolyaninov, University of Maryland
‘‘Novel nanophotonic devices based on plasmonic metamaterials’’
Hui Xia, Princeton University
‘‘Coherent excitation in Raman Spectroscopy’’
12:40    Herbert Winful, University of Michigan
‘‘A resolution of the tunneling time conundrum’’
Terry Mullins, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
‘‘Coherent transients in the photoassociation of ultracold atoms by femtosecond pulses’’
Martin Wegener, Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
‘‘Recent Progress on Photonic Metamaterials’’
Dmitry Pestov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Ultrafast Coherent Raman Spectroscopy: Hybrid Technique and Its Applications’’
-- Evening --
Tuesday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Mikhail D. Lukin, Harvard University (Diamond-based quantum optics)
   ‘‘Quantum optics meets nanoscience’’
19:30 Vladimir M. Shalaev, Purdue University (Metamaterials)
   ‘‘Controlling Light with Metamaterials’’
20:00 Dietrich Leibfried, NIST, Boulder (Quantum Information, Computation, and Communication)
   ‘‘Quantum information processing with trapped atomic ions’’
-- Break --
Tuesday Evening Invited Session
  Diamond-based quantum optics Quantum Information, Computation, and Communication Metamaterials CARS
20:50    Philip Hemmer, Texas A&M University
‘‘Sub-wavelength single-molecule imaging using quantum optics’’
Haohua Wang, University of California at Santa Barbara
‘‘High fidelity gates in Josephson junction qubits’’
Nikolay Zheludev, The University of Southampton
‘‘Close mode resonances in photonic meta-materials’’
Svetlana Malinovskaya, Stevens Institute of Technology
‘‘Control of Raman transitions in CARS spectroscopy using chirped pulses (theory)’’
21:10    Neil Manson, Australian National University
‘‘Properties of the nitrogen-vacancy center color in diamond for quantum information processing’’
Mark Saffman, University of Wisconsin at Madison
‘‘Excitation and interaction of Rydberg atoms for quantum bits and quantum registers’’
Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Coherency in Scattering at Slits and Grooves in Metallic Films: from Young’s Double Slit Experiment to Solar Cells’’
Michael M. Kash, Lake Forest College
‘‘Pulse Catch-up in SOS’’
21:30    Jean-François Roch, ENS Cachon
‘‘Single color centers in nanodiamonds’’
Mark Eriksson, University of Wisconsin at Madison
‘‘Silicon quantum dots as quantum bits’’
Natasha Litchinitser, SUNY, Buffalo
‘‘From Positive- to Negative-Index Materials: Transitional Phenomena’’
Gombojov Ariunbold, Texas A&M University
‘‘Distributed Gain in SOS’’
21:50      Howard Brandt, Army Research Laboratory
‘‘Differential Geometry of Quantum Computation’’
Mikhail Noginov, Norfolk State University
‘‘Nanoplasmonics with gain: From low loss to lasing’’
Deniz Yavuz, University of Wisconsin at Madison
‘‘Molecular modulation with continuous-wave laser beams’’

Wednesday, January 9 2008

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Wolfgang Schleich, Universität Ulm (Number Theory and Quantum Mechanics)
   ‘‘Factorization of numbers with classical and quantum interference’’
8:00 Mark Raizen, University of Texas at Austin (Tests of Fundamental Physics)
   ‘‘Comprehensive Control of Atomic and Molecular Motion’’
8:30 Gershon Kurizki, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (New Developments in Decoherence Control)
   ‘‘How far can we push the quantum - classical boundary’’
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Number Theory and Quantum Mechanics Tests of Fundamental Physics New Developments in Decoherence Control
9:10    Ernst Rasel, Universität Hannover
‘‘Gauss sum factorization with cold atoms’’
Dmitry Budker, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘Crossing the T (and P) and dotting the \\alpha -- some fundamental-symmetry tests at Berkeley’’
Dongxia Ma, Texas A&M University
‘‘Bohr model with nearest atom quantization’’
9:30    Dieter Suter, Universität Dortmund
‘‘Factorizing numbers with the Gauss sum technique: NMR implementations’’
Gerald Gwinner, University of Manitoba
‘‘Towards studies of fundamental symmetries with francium atoms in an on-line laser trap’’
Alex Greilich, University of Dortmund
‘‘Ensemble effects of electron spins in self-assembled quantum dots’’
9:50    Béatrice Chatel, CNRS-Université Paul Sabatier-Toulouse III
‘‘Factoring numbers with ultrashort laser pulses’’
Ron Walsworth, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
‘‘Astro-comb: revolutionizing precision spectroscopy in astrophysics’’
Christian Gross, University of Heidelberg
‘‘Entanglement in degenerate Bose gases’’
-- Break --
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:30 Lamb Award (Lamb Award)
   ‘‘The presentation of the 2007 Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics’’
11:00 Karl Krushelnick, University of Michigan (Compact Laser Plasma Accelerators)
   ‘‘Compact Laser Plasma Accelerators’’
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
  BEC experiment and theory Compact Laser Plasma Accelerators Metamaterials
11:40    Laurent Sanchez-Palencia, Institut d’optique, Palaiseau
‘‘Anderson localization in interacting Bose gases’’
Eric Esarey, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
‘‘GeV electrons from channel-guided laser wakefield accelerators’’
Ildar Gabitov, University of Arizona
‘‘Slow light in negative refractive index materials’’
12:00    Anatoly Svidzinsky, Texas A&M University
‘‘Hybrid approach to fluctuations in mesoscopic interacting Bose-Einstein condensate’’
Anatoly Maksimchuk, University of Michigan
‘‘High-energy electron acceleration in laser wakefields’’
Evgenii Narimanov, Purdue University
‘‘The Hyperlens: From Meta-Materials to Meta-Devices’’
12:20    Vitaly Kocharovsky, Texas A&M University
‘‘BEC: Beyond Gibbs and Wick Perturbation Theory’’
Warren Mori, University of California at Los Angeles
‘‘A path towards 10-100 GeV LWFA stages’’
Graeme Milton, University of Utah
‘‘Electromagnetic circuits’’
12:40    Moochan Kim, Texas A&M University
‘‘Master equations for quasiprobability function in BEC system’’
  Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania
‘‘Metactronics: Metamaterial Nanocircuits and Wireless Elements at Nanoscales’’
-- Evening --
Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Colin McKinstrie, Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent (Quantum parametric processes in fibers)
   ‘‘Parametric processes in fiber-based devices and systems’’
19:30 Eric Mazur, Harvard University (Nanophotonics)
   ‘‘Nonlinear optics at the nanoscale’’
20:00 Boris Altschuler, Columbia University (Disorder and Localization in Ultracold Atomic Gases - 1)
   ‘‘Optics of electric flows in graphene’’
-- Break --
Wednesday Evening Invited Session
  Quantum parametric processes in fibers Disorder and Localization in Ultracold Atomic Gases - 1 Nanophotonics Novel Optics
20:50    Michael Vasilyev, University of Texas at Arlington
‘‘Phase-sensitive amplification in fibers’’
Mark Havey, Old Dominion University
‘‘Time-dependent light and atomic dynamics in high-density, ultra-cold atomic Rb vapor’’
Marko Loncar, Harvard University
‘‘Optomechanical interaction in nanophotonic devices’’
Nan Yu, NASA Jet Propultion Laboratory
‘‘Whispering gallery mode resonator thermal limits and stabilization’’
21:10    John Harvey, University of Auckland
‘‘Everything you always wanted to know about vector FWM in fibers’’
Robin Kaiser, CNRS, France
‘‘Coherent wave transport and gain in a large cloud of cold atoms’’
David A. B. Miller, Stanford University
‘‘Fundamental limit to nanophotonic and slow light components’’
Geoffrey Duxbury, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
‘‘Propagation of chirped infrared QC laser pulses through an optically thick minimally damped gas: delayed rapid passage signals in the 8 micron spectrum of acetylene’’
21:30    Alan Migdall, NIST Gaithersburg
‘‘Fiber-based source of photon pairs’’
Silke Ospelkaus, JILA, UC Boulder, and University of Hamburg
‘‘Fermi-Bose-Mixtures in 3D Optical Lattices’’
Kohzo Hakuta, University of Electro- Communications, Japan
‘‘Single Atoms on an Optical Nanofiber’’
Vladimir A. Sautenkov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Control of electromagnetically induced transparency by field phase’’
21:50    Alfred U’Ren, CICESE
‘‘Tailored photon-pair generation in fibers’’
  Domenico Pacifici, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Plasmons in slit and hole arrays: implications of coherence and short range order for modulators and solar cells’’

Thursday, January 10 2008

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Michel Devoret, Yale University (Disorder and Localization in Ultracold Atomic Gases - 2)
   ‘‘Circuit QED : superconducting atoms" in microwave resonators’’
8:00 Olga Kocharovskaya, Texas A&M University (Quantum Coherence Effects)
   ‘‘Atomic and Nuclear Coherence Effects in Solids’’
8:30 Vladislav Yakovlev, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (Biochemical applications of Nonlinear optical spectroscopy)
   ‘‘Probing biochemical interactions in microfluidic devices using nonlinear optical spectroscopy’’
Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
  Quantum Coherence Effects Disorder and Localization in Ultracold Atomic Gases - 2 Biochemical applications of Nonlinear optical spectroscopy Novel Optics
9:10    Takashi Nakajima, Kyoto University
‘‘Phase- and chirp-dependent excitation and ionization’’
Eric Akkermans, The Technion, Israel and Yale University, USA
‘‘Photon localization and Dicke superradiance in atomic gases: crossover to a ‘small world’ network’’
Vladimir A. Lobastov, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Ultrafast structural dynamics with electron microscopy’’
Leonid Butov, University of California at San Diego
‘‘Control of Excitons’’
9:30    Robin Santra, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘Strong-field control of x-ray absorption’’
Azriel Genack, City College of New York
‘‘Modes and the statistics of dynamics and speckle evolution’’
Vadim V. Lozovoy, Michigan State University
‘‘Single beam CARS with pseudorandom phase modulated femtosecond pulses’’
Zoe-Elizabeth Sariyanni, University of California at Irvine
‘‘Applications of Femtosecond Coherent Raman Spectroscopy’’
9:50    Stephen A. Lyon, Princeton University
‘‘Enhancing coherence of semiconductor-based quantum bits’’
Peter Rabl, Harvard University
‘‘Hybrid Quantum Computing with Polar Molecules’’
Feruz Ganikhanov, West Virginia University
‘‘High sensitivity vibrational imaging with broadly tunable lasers’’
Anatoliy Savchenkov, OEwaves, Inc.
‘‘Frequency references based on four-wave mixing in crystals’’
10:10    James Higbie, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘New Directions in Magnetometry using Nonlinear Magneto-optical Rotation’’
Philippe Jacquod, University of Arizona
‘‘Capturing quantum coherence with classical mechanics: The semiclassical approach to mesoscopic physics’’
Szymon Suckewer, Princeton University
‘‘Femtosecond Laser for Eye Surgery’’
-- Break --
Thursday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Henry C. Kapteyn, University of Colorado at Boulder (Ultrafast X-ray Dynamics)
   ‘‘Probing molecular dynamics using ultrafast x-rays’’
11:20 Jonathan P. Dowling, Lousiana State University (Quantum Optical Interferometric Sensors)
   ‘‘Quantum Sensors: The Low Down on High NOON’’
Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
  Quantum Coherence Effects Quantum Optical Interferometric Sensors Ultrafast X-ray Dynamics Novel Optics
12:00    Selim Shahriar, Northwestern University
‘‘A Fast-Light Augmented Zero-Area Active Sagnac Interferometer for Enhanced Strain Sensitivity AC-Coupled Gravitational Wave Detection’’
Hwang Lee, Lousiana State University
‘‘Sub-Shot Noise Optical Interferometry’’
Matteo Rini, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
‘‘Ultrafast Studies of Phase Transition Dynamics in Correlated Electron Systems’’
Eric W. Van Stryland, CREOL & FPCE, University of Central Florida
‘‘White-Light Continuum Z-scan Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy’’
12:20    Petr Anisimov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Dressed state analysis of refractive index enhancement in Raman system -- Upper limit estimate’’
Gerald Gilbert, MITRE
‘‘Aspects of Practical Remote Quantum Sensing’’
Kenichi Ishikawa, The University of Tokyo
‘‘Wavelength-dependence of high-harmonic generation’’
Nikolai Stelmakh, University of Texas at Arlington
‘‘Spatial mode multiplexing of lasers beams’’
12:40    Elizabeth Donley, NIST - Boulder
‘‘Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gyroscope’’
Christopher C. Gerry, Lehman College, CUNY
‘‘Heisenberg Limited Measurements with Coherent States and Weak Kerr Nonlinearities’’
Thomas Pfeifer, University of California at Berkeley, and LBNL
‘‘Sub-cycle ionization gating of high-harmonics and attosecond XUV spectral interferometry’’
Konstantin Vodopyanov, Stanford University
‘‘New Light from GaAs’’
-- Evening --
Thursday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Jack Harris, Yale University (Mechanical Oscillators)
   ‘‘Strong dispersive coupling of an optical cavity to a micromechanical resonator’’
19:30 James Gord, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Femtosecond and Quantum Optical Sensors)
   ‘‘Propulsion Applications of Femtosecond Sensing’’
20:00 Jason Fleischer, Princeton University (Quantum and Optical Hydrodynamics)
   ‘‘Optical hydrodynamics’’
-- Break --
Thursday Evening Invited Session
  Mechanical Oscillators Femtosecond and Quantum Optical Sensors Quantum and Optical Hydrodynamics
20:50    Florian Marquardt, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
‘‘Quantum theory of optomechanical cooling’’
Robert P. Lucht, Purdue University
‘‘Theory of Femtosecond CARS for Single-Laser-Shot, High-Rep-Rate Gas-Phase Measurements’’
Peter Engels, Washington State University
‘‘Quantum hydrodynamics in BECs: From soundwaves to quantum shock’’
21:10    Kater Murch
[Title Not Entered]
Robert J. Levis, Temple University
‘‘Ultrafast, Laser-Generated Filament Plasma-Dynamics as Probed by Femtosecond Box-CARS’’
Mankei Tsang, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Wave, Particle, and Fluid Properties of light’’
21:30    Pierre-François Cohadon, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
‘‘Experimental optomechanics with silica and silicon mirrors’’
Anil Patnaik, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
‘‘Coherent repumping assisted immunity of Raman coherence to rapid collisional decays’’
Hrvoje Buljan, University of Zagreb, Croatia
‘‘Nonequilibrium dynamics of 1D Bose gases within the Lieb-Liniger and Tonks-Girardeau models’’
21:50      Frank A. Narducci, Naval Air Systems Command
‘‘Progress towards an atom interferometer gradient magnetometer’’

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