PQE-2007 — Poster Session

Eric Akkermans, Technion, Israel
‘‘Quantum mesoscopic effects in the multiple scattering of photons by cold atomic gases’’

Eric Akkermans, Technion, Israel
‘‘Superradiance and Anderson localization of photons in cold gases’’

Marie-Madeleine Aléonard, Université de Bordeaux I, CENBG
‘‘Nuclear physics with Intense laser fields, multi MeV laser-produced particle sources and their application’’

Kai Bongs, Universität Hamburg
‘‘Ultracold heteronuclear molecules in an optical lattice’’

Kai Bongs, Universität Hamburg
‘‘Resonant spin dynamics in 87Rb spinor condensates’’

John Briggs, University of Freiburg
‘‘Periodic ionization and recombination in attosecond laser fields’’

Uwe van Bürck, Technische Universität München
‘‘Features of Nuclear Forward Scattering’’

Uwe van Bürck, Technische Universität München
‘‘SRPAC: Basic Features and First Applications’’

Jun-Tao Chang, Texas A&M University
‘‘Correlated Spontaneous Emission: From 2 atoms to N atoms’’

Kent D. Choquette, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘‘Electrically injected photonic crystal light emitters with spatially localized gain’’

Austin Collins, Georgia Institute of Technology
‘‘Multiplexed Memory-Insenstive Quantum Repeaters’’

Josef Feldhaus, DESY
‘‘FLASH - The Free Electron Laser at DESY’’

Mark D. Havey, Old Dominion University
‘‘Behavior of Pulsed and Continuous-Wave Optical Dipole Force Traps’’

Peter D. Keefe, Keefe & Associates
‘‘Quantum Mechanics and the Second Law: Can a Quantum Heat Engine Break the Law?’’

Manfred Kleber, Technische Universität München
‘‘Path integrals and wave packets in external fields’’

Roman Kolesov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Optically detected magnetic resonance and adiabatic population transfer in room-temperature ruby’’

Al F. Kracklauer, University of Weimar
‘‘The case against nonlocality’’

Tobias Kramer, Harvard University
‘‘2D-matter waves in strong crossed electric and magnetic fields’’

Shau-Yu Lan, Georgia Institute of Technology
‘‘Quantum telecommunication with atomic ensembles’’

Jim Martin, University of Waterloo, Canada
‘‘Fabrication of an atom chip for studying atom-surface interactions’’

Nino Pereira, Ecopulse, Inc., Springfield, VA
‘‘A single-crystal X-ray spectropolarimeter’’

Bedrich Rus, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
‘‘Development and Applications of a 10-mJ Soft X-Ray Laser in High Energy Density Physics’’

Heinrich Stolz, Universität Rostock
‘‘On Bose-Einstein condensation of Excitons in Cuprous Oxide’’

Ioannis Thanopulos, University of British Colombia
‘‘Laser-Operated Molecular Current Router’’

Jonathan Wurtele, University of California at Berkeley

Deniz Yavuz, University of Wisconsin
‘‘Electromagnetically Induced Transparency with Broadband Laser Pulses’’

Wenxian Zhang, Ames Laboratory
‘‘Dynamical control of two level system’s decay into continuum’’

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