PQE-2006 — Full Program

Tuesday January 3 2006

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:25 George R. Welch, Texas A&M University (Welcome)
   Welcoming Remarks
7:30 Frank K. Tittel, Rice University (Optoelectronics)
   ‘‘Semiconductor laser based trace gas sensor technology: advances and opportunities’’
8:00 Tamar Seideman, Northwestern University (Toward Coherent Control in the Nanoscale)
   ‘‘Toward coherent control in the nanoscale’’
8:30 Hans Schuessler, Texas A&M University (Measurements on Cold Molecules)
   ‘‘Sympathetic cooling of molecular ions in rf-ion traps’’
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Optoelectronics Toward Coherent Control in the Nanoscale Measurements on Cold Molecules Negative Index Materials 1
9:10    Claire Gmachl, Princeton University
‘‘Multi-wavelength and nonlinear Quantum Cascade lasers’’
Norbert F. Scherer, University of Chicago
‘‘Ultrafast Nonlinearities, Spatially Localized Responses and Optical Manipulation of Single Nanoparticles and Clusters’’
Jochen Küpper, Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Berlin
‘‘Deceleration and trapping of neutral molecules for spectroscopic applications’’
Evgenii E. Narimanov, Princeton University
‘‘Surface states in non-magnetic materials with negative refractive index’’
9:30    Alexey Belyanin, Texas A&M University
‘‘Quantum cascade structures: from lasers to detectors’’
Atsushi Kubo, University of Pittsburg
‘‘Femtosecond microscopy and coherent control of surface plasmons on a silver film’’
Wes Campbell, Harvard University
‘‘Loading a Magnetic Trap from a Molecular Beam of NH Radicals’’
Gennady Shvets, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Optical Metamaterials: from Antireflective Coatings to Molecular Spectroscopy’’
9:50    Andrew J. Steckl, University of Cincinnati
‘‘Rare Earth Doped Gallium Nitride - At Long Last Lasing’’
Geoff Steeves, University of Victoria
‘‘Ulltrafast Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in Quantum Electronic Systems’’
Edward Eyler, University of Connecticut
‘‘Formation, Trapping, and State-Specific Detection of Ultracold Polar KRb Molecules’’
Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania
‘‘Metamaterials for nanoelements and nanodevices in optics’’
10:10          Richard Ziolkowski, University of Arizona
‘‘Subwavelength-thin optical sources’’
-- Break --
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Yanhua Shih, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (‘‘Ghost’’ Imaging and Quantum Imaging)
   ‘‘Can two-photon correlation of chaotic light be considered as correlation of intensity fluctuations?’’
11:20 Gershon Kurizki, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (Zeno and Anti Zeno)
   ‘‘Was Zeno right after all?’’
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
  ‘‘Ghost’’ Imaging and Quantum Imaging Zeno and Anti Zeno Measurements on Cold Atoms and Molecules Quantum Superposition and Entanglement
12:00    Giuliano Scarcelli, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
‘‘Quantum magic mirror’’
Akira Shimizu, University of Tokyo
‘‘Quantum Zeno effect by general measurements’’
Thomas Udem, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
‘‘Spectroscopy with frequency combs and the possible variation of the fundamental constants’’
Francesco De Martini, Università ‘‘La Sapienza’’, Rome
‘‘Realization of a Decoherence-free, optimally distinguishable mesoscopic quantum superposition. A Schroedinger Cat.’’
12:20    Milena D’Angelo, European Lab of Nonlinear Spectroscopy, Florence
‘‘Remotely prepared single-photon time-encoded ebits: homodyne thomography and Bell’s inequality test’’
Mark Raizen, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Experimental study of quantum tunneling; from single-atom to many-body physics’’
Mark D. Havey, Old Dominion University
‘‘Time dependent population and polarization dynamics in ultra cold atomic Rb’’
Dzmitry Matsukevich, Georgia Institute of Technology
‘‘Entanglement of remote atomic qubits’’
12:40    John Howell, University of Rochester
‘‘High Information Bandwidth Quantum Communication’’
Saverio Pascazio, Università di Bari, Italy
‘‘Quantum Zeno dynamics and control of decoherence’’
Vitaly Kocharovsky, Texas A&M University
‘‘Nonequilibrium BEC’’
Andrew N. Jordan, University of Geneva and Texas A&M
‘‘Continuous quantum measurement in the solid state’’
-- Evening --
19:00 Erich P. Ippen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Femtosecond Optical Clocks and Arbitrary Waveforms)
   ‘‘Optical Clockworks and Arbitrary Electric Field Waveforms’’
19:30 Victor S. Batista, Yale University (Coherent Quantum Control with Multiple Pulses)
   ‘‘Coherent Quantum Control of Electronic Excitations in Sensitized Semiconductors’’
20:00 Esen E. Alp, Argonne National Laboratory (X-ray Optics)
   ‘‘Applications of nuclear resonant spectroscopy in nanoscience’’
-- Break --
Tuesday Evening Invited Session
  Femtosecond Optical Clocks and Arbitrary Waveforms Coherent Quantum Control with Multiple Pulses Measurements on Cold Atoms and Molecules X-ray Optics
20:50    Franz Kaertner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Octave-spanning lasers and optical phase control’’
Luis G. C. Rego, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil
‘‘Coherent quantum control of electronic states in functionalized semiconductors’’
Frank A. Narducci, Naval Air Systems Command
‘‘Effects of Frequency Chirping in Electro-magnetically induced transparency’’
Olga Kocharovskaya, Texas A&M University
‘‘Laser Manipulations of Mossbauer Spectra: from theory to experiment’’
21:10    Jun Ye, JILA, NIST and University of Colorado
‘‘Optical atomic clock based on ultracold fermionic strontium atoms’’
Lorenza Viola, Dartmouth College
‘‘Randomized Decoupling Techniques for Coherent Quantum Control’’
Daniel J. Heinzen, The University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Raman photoassociation of a Mott insulator’’
Eric Collet, University of Rennes 1
‘‘Opportunities to probe photoinduced phase transition by ultra-fast x-ray diffraction’’
21:30    Kaoru Minoshima, AIST, Japan
‘‘Phase-locked widely tunable optical single-frequency generator based on a femtosecond comb’’
Kazuhiko Misawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
‘‘Quantum wave-packet control on a two-dimensional potential energy surface’’
Moochan Kim, Texas A&M University
‘‘Approximate solution of the Condensate Master Equation in BEC’’
Jörg Maser, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘High-resolution X-ray Optics - where is the limit?’’
21:50    Alfred Leitenstorfer, University of Konstanz, Germany
‘‘Ultrabroadband femtosecond fiber systems and applications’’
Rogerio de Sousa, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘Coherence control of solid state quantum bits’’

Wednesday January 4 2006

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Stefan W. Hell, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen (Biophotonics)
   ‘‘Breaking Abbe’s barrier: Far-field fluorescence microscopy with diffraction-unlimited resolution’’
8:00 Moshe Shapiro, Weizmann Institute (Coherent Control)
   ‘‘Quantum Control on the Nanoscale’’
8:30 Charles Townes, University of California at Berkeley (Chiaofest 1: From Nonlinear Optics to Superconductivity)
   ‘‘Early Non-linear Optics and Beyond’’
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Chiaofest 1: From Nonlinear Optics to Superconductivity Coherent Control Biophotonics X-ray Optics
9:10    Ivan Deutsch, University of New Mexico
‘‘From diphotons to diatoms’’
Ilya Averbukh, Weizmann Institute of Science
‘‘Isotope-selective alignment of molecules’’
Eric Mazur, Harvard University
‘‘Subcellular surgery and nanoneurosurgery’’
Jos Odeurs, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
‘‘Change of polarization and delayed gamma radiation using nuclear level mixing induced transparency’’
9:30    Marc J. Feldman, University of Rochester
‘‘Superconducting Circuitry for Control of Quantum Systems’’
Michael Spanner, University of Toronto
‘‘The absence of coherent mechanisms in case studies of liquid phase adaptive feedback control’’
Rebekah A. Drezek, Rice University
‘‘Immunotargeted Nanoshells for Imaging and Therapy of Cancer’’
Klaus Spohr, University of Paisley
‘‘Laser Induced Nuclear Physics: The Quest for Isomer Population & Future Developments Towards Counter-propagating Beams’’
9:50    Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M and Princeton University
‘‘Quantum theory of the atom laser’’
Wolfgang Merkel, Universität Ulm
‘‘Factorization of numbers with chirped pulses’’
Peter So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘High Resolution Wide-Field Microscopy Based on Standing Evanescence Waves’’
Petr Anisimov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Mossbauer spectroscopy in a spinning magnetic field’’
10:10    Paul Kelley, Tufts University
‘‘Self-trapping and the Myriad of Other Self-Action Effects’’
Pete Christopher, University of Toronto
‘‘Control of internal conversion in pyrazine: the overlapping resonances perspective in quantum control’’
Brian Pogue, Dartmouth College
‘‘Imaging human tissues with photons: Integration of near-infrared tomography with high field MRI’’
-- Break --
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Peter D. Keefe, Keefe & Associates (Intellectual Property)
   ‘‘Intellectual Property for Scientists’’
11:20 Peter Milonni, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Chiaofest 2: Photons in Matter)
   ‘‘Photon Momentum in Dielectrics’’
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
  Chiaofest 2: Photons in Matter Correlation and Emission Gravity Excitons and electron-hole plasma
12:00    Mohammad Mojahedi, University of Toronto
‘‘Dispersion Engineering: the Principles and Applications’’
Aristide Dogariu, CREOL & FPCE, University of Central Florida
‘‘Polarimetry of random electromagnetic fields’’
Lijun Wang, Max-Planck Research Group, Erlangen
‘‘Gravity aberration and its precise measurement’’
David Reitze, University of Florida
‘‘Superfluorescence from a quantized high density electron-hole system’’
12:20    Michael Stenner, University of Arizona
‘‘Information and communication in fast and slow light’’
Ashok Muthukrishnan, Texas A&M University
‘‘Quantum microscopy beyond the Rayleigh limit: Exponential resolution using N-photon correlation’’
David Ottaway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Radiation-pressure induced optomechanical dynamics in suspended optical cavities’’
Hyatt M. Gibbs, University of Arizona
‘‘Excitonic photoliminescence in semiconductor quantum wells: Plasma versus excitons’’
12:40    Robert W. Boyd and Gershon Kurizki
‘‘Superluminal Propagation of Light: The Contributions of Ray Chiao and Some Recent Results’’
  Eugeniy Mikhailov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘EIT applications to GW detection’’
Leonid Butov, University of California at San Diego
‘‘Coherence of the macroscopically ordered exciton state’’
-- Evening --
Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Jonathan Wurtele, University of California at Berkeley (Cooling of Beams and Phase-space Manipulations)
   ‘‘Phase Space Manipulation and Cooling in Beams and Plasmas’’
19:30 Vladimir M. Shalaev, Purdue University (Photonic Metamaterials)
   ‘‘Optical Metamaterials with Negative Refractive Index’’
20:00 Carlton M. Caves, University of New Mexico (Chiaofest 3: Entanglement -- When Two Photons are Better than One)
   ‘‘GHZ correlations are just a bit nonlocal’’
-- Break --
Wednesday Evening Invited Session
  Chiaofest 3: Entanglement -- When Two Photons are Better than One Cooling of Beams and Phase-space Manipulations Photonic Metamaterials Coherence Effects and EIT
20:50    Paul Kwiat, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘‘Hyperentanglement: When One Degree of Freedom Isn’t Enough’’
Dan Dubin, University of California at San Diego
Anti-Hydrogen ‘‘Formation rates of antihydrogen in a Penning trap: the long march to the ground state via three body collisions and radiation’’
Nikolay Zheludev, University of Southampton, UK
‘‘Planar, nano-structured photonics meta-materials’’
Irina Novikova, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
‘‘Optimization of slow and stored light efficiency in Rb vapor cells’’
21:10    Colin McCormick, NIST, Gaithersburg
‘‘EIT enhancement of forward four-wave mixing in atomic vapor’’
Hiromi Okamoto, University of Hiroshima
‘‘Crystal beams’’
Xiang Zhang, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘Photonic metamaterials, nano-plasmonics, and superlens’’
Philip Hemmer, Texas A&M University
‘‘Solving the time-bandwidth problem in slow light’’
21:30    Morgan Mitchell, ICFO, Barcelona
‘‘Atom-ready photons for cold-atom light storage’’
Nat Fisch, Princeton Plasma Physics
‘‘Phase space control in plasmas’’
Igor Smolyaninov, University of Maryland
‘‘Super-resolution microscopy using surface plasmon polaritons’’
Elena Kuznetsova, Texas A&M University
‘‘Coherent population trapping with a train of pulses and its application to excited-state absorption suppression’’
21:50    Aephraim M. Steinberg, University of Toronto
‘‘Quantum tomography of atoms, photons, biphotons, and triphotons’’
Will Bertsche, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
‘‘Persistent Spatially-Driven Kinetic Waves in Pure Electron Plasmas’’
Mark I. Stockman, Georgia State University
‘‘Extreme Nanoplasmonics: Spatio-Temporal Limits of Optical Processes in Nanostructured Systems’’
Anil Patnaik, Texas A&M University
‘‘Coherence effects on the Raman two-photon correlation and applications’’

Thursday January 5 2006

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 David Reis, University of Michigan (Ultrafast, Short-Wavelength Physics)
   ‘‘Ultrafast X-ray Science’’
8:00 Award Lamb Medal (Lamb Medal)
   ‘‘The presentation of the 2006 Willis E. Lamb medal for Laser Science and Quantum Optics’’
Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
  Ultrafast, Short-Wavelength Physics EPR Novel Optics Femtosecond CARS of DPA
8:40    Linda Young, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘Probing optical strong-field processes with x-rays’’
Arkady Plotnitsky, Purdue University
‘‘EPR: How subtle is the Lord and how is the Lord subtle?’’
Nikolai Kalugin, Texas A&M University
‘‘Efficient generation of THz radiation in gases via quantum coherence’’
Arthur Dogariu, Princeton University
‘‘Femtosecond Ultraviolet CARS for discrimination of Dipicolinic Acid’’
9:00    Andrea Cavalleri, Oxford University
‘‘Phase transition dynamics in complex solids viewed with femtosecond x-rays’’
Gregg Jaeger, Boston University
‘‘Exploring multipartite entangled states’’
C. H. Raymond Ooi, Texas A&M University
‘‘Physics of Excimer Cornea Ablation’’
John Reintjes, Naval Research Laboratory
‘‘Fs-CARS of Dipicolinic Acid: Effect of Two-Photon Absorption’’
9:20    Martin Richardson, CREOL & FPCE, University of Central Florida
‘‘High power EUV light sources and lithography - laser micro-plasmas’’
Christopher A. Fuchs, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
‘‘Why I Never Understood Bohr’s Reply to EPR, But Still Liked It’’
Andrea Burzo, Texas A&M University
‘‘Interplay of Raman molecular modulation technique and Stimulated Raman Scattering for generation of ultra-broadband radiation’’
Dmitry Pestov, Texas A&M University
‘‘UV-probe Coherent Raman Spectroscopy of DPA and its salts’’
-- Break --
Thursday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:00 Raymond Chiao, University of California at Berkeley (Chiaofest 4: The 21st Century)
   ‘‘The Interface of Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity: Generation and Detection of Gravity Waves via Planck-mass Superfluid Systems with Electron Attachment’’
10:30 Roy Glauber, Harvard University (Foundations of Quantum Optics)
   ‘‘Foundations of Quantum Optics’’
11:00 Manfred Kleber, Technische Universität München (Tunneling and Quantum Interference)
   ‘‘On the interplay between waves and trajectories in quantum dynamics’’
Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
  Chiaofest 4: The 21st Century Foundations of Quantum Optics Tunneling and Quantum Interference
11:40    Roland Winston, University of California at Merced
‘‘Paradigm for a wave description of optical measurements’’
Ennio Arimondo, Università di Pisa
‘‘Quantum Optics with Bose-Einstein condensates’’
Wolfgang Schleich, Universität Ulm
‘‘The quantum Ulm sparrow’’
12:00    Thierry Chaneliere, Georgia Institute of Technology
‘‘Storage and retrieval of single photons transmitted between remote quantum memories’’
Fritz Haake, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen
‘‘Decoherence bypass of Schrödinger cat states in quantum measurement’’
Christophe Blondel, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, CNRS
‘‘Images of a photoelectron interfering with itself: the photodetachment microscope’’
12:20    Onur Hosten, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘‘Counterfactual Quantum Computation via Quantum Interrogation’’
Hans J. Briegel, University of Innsbruck
‘‘Entanglement in open and noisy quantum systems’’
Dieter Bauer, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik, Heidelberg
‘‘Emergence of Classical Orbits in Few-Cycle Laser Ionization of Atoms’’
12:40    Heidi Fearn, California State University at Fullerton
‘‘No signals faster-than-c, or The Anti-Scharnhorst effect’’
Elisabeth Giacobino, Ecole Normale Superieure and CNRS, Paris
‘‘Quantum optics with continuous variables: from Glauber coherent states to non classical and entangled states’’
-- Evening --
Thursday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Anatoly Svidzinsky, Texas A&M University (D-scaling and Chemical Physics)
   ‘‘D-scaling, Bohr model and Chemical Physics’’
19:30 David Cory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Quantum Information, Computation, and Communication)
   ‘‘Quantum Information Processing with Nuclear Spins’’
20:00 Sergey Bozhevolnyi, University of Aalborg, Denmark (Negative Index Materials 2)
   ‘‘Plasmon-Polaritonic Crystals - Metasurfaces for Nanophotonics’’
-- Break --
Thursday Evening Invited Session
  D-scaling and Chemical Physics Quantum Information, Computation, and Communication Negative Index Materials 2 Nano-plasmonics, Nano-particles, Nano-droplets, and Nano-cavities
20:50    Gordon Chen, Texas A&M University
‘‘The Dimensional Scaling Method for the Excited States of the Helium Atom’’
James Franson, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
‘‘Entangled Photon Holes’’
Viktor A. Podolskiy, Oregon State University
‘‘Photonic funnels: Using anisotropy to compress and propagate light beyond diffraction limit’’
Mikhail Noginov, Norfolk State University
‘‘Mutual enhancement of optical gain and surface plasmon in composite metal-dielectric media’’
21:10    Sabre Kais, Purdue University
‘‘Entanglement as a measure of electron-electron correlation’’
Robert W. Boyd, University of Rochester
‘‘Quantum Imaging’’
Alexei L. Efros, University of Utah
‘‘Left-Handed Materials based upon Photonic Crystals’’
Sang-Kee Eah, RPI
‘‘Modification of a single metal nanoparticle’s light scattering rate by a remote mirror’’
21:30    John Rui-Hua Xie, Texas A&M University
‘‘Simple three-parameter model potential for diatomic systems’’
Howard Brandt, US Army Research Laboratory
‘‘Entangled Eavesdropping on Quantum Key Distribution’’
Wounjhang Park, University of Colorado
‘‘Photonic Crystal Approach for Tunable Negative Refraction’’
Kevin Lehmann, University of Virginia
‘‘Excitations of superfluid helium nanodroplets’’
21:50    Robert Murawski, Texas A&M University
‘‘First order corrections to quantum number dimensional scaling for the excited states of atoms’’
Daniel Felinto, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Measurement-Induced entanglement between remote atomic ensembles’’
Ildar Gabitov, University of Arizona
‘‘Double resonance in nonlinear nanostructured materials: negative refraction and solitary waves’’
Josh Hendrickson, University of Arizona
‘‘Quantum optics in photonic crystal cavities’’

Friday January 6 2006

Friday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Jean-Claude Diels, University of New Mexico (Coherent Interaction with Ultrashort Pulses)
   ‘‘Coherent interaction with ultrashort pulses’’
8:00 Hans Frauenfelder, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Protein Physics: From Quantum Mechanics to Biology)
   ‘‘Protein Physics-Concepts and Promises’’
8:30 Lu J. Sham, University of California, San Diego (Coherence in Exciton Systems)
   ‘‘Restoring coherence lost’’
Friday Morning Invited Session 1
  Coherent Interaction with Ultrashort Pulses Protein Physics: From Quantum Mechanics to Biology Coherence in Exciton Systems Novel Optics
9:10    Jens Biegert, ETH, Switzerland
‘‘Coherent control of higher order haromonic generation with intense fs pulse’’
Peter Hamm, Universität Zürich
‘‘Do nonlinear vibrational excitations exist in proteins?’’
Hailin Wang, University of Oregon
‘‘Exciton coherence and EIT’’
Leon Cohen, City University of New York (Hunter College)
‘‘Wigner distribution for operators at two different times’’
9:30    George Gibson, University of Connecticut
‘‘Adiabatic passage and coherent interactions on high-order multiphoton transitions’’
Robert H. Austin, Princeton University
‘‘Narrow States and Energy Trapping in Proteins?’’
David Citrin, Georgia Institute of Technology
‘‘Phase coherence effects on radiative lifetimes of excitons in QWs’’
Pat Loughlin, University of Pittsburgh
‘‘Wigner distribution approximation for filtered signals and waves’’
9:50    Leo Hollberg, NIST, Boulder
‘‘Precisions Measurements with Femtosecond Optical Frequency Combs’’
José Onuchic, University of California at San Diego
‘‘The energy landscape for protein folding and function’’
Maxime Richard, EPFL, Switzerland
‘‘The trapped polaritons’’
Norbert Kroó, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
‘‘Surface Plasmons and Photon Statistics’’
10:10    Alexei Sokolov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Toward generation of isolated single-cycle optical pulses by parametric beating with Raman coherence’’
Charles Munnerlyn, Visx Inc.
‘‘Characteristics of corneal ablations with the 193 nm excimer laser’’
-- Break --
Friday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:50 Herschel A. Rabitz, Princeton University (Coherent Quantum Control)
   ‘‘Exploring the Systematics of Controlling Quantum Systems with Photonic Reagents’’
11:20 Alexander Zholents, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Free Electron Lasers)
   ‘‘X-ray free electron lasers demystified’’
Friday Morning Invited Session 2
  Coherent Quantum Control Free Electron Lasers Intense Fields Femtosecond CARS
12:00    Alexei N. Markevitch, Temple University
‘‘Manipulating Hilbert Space for Fun and Profit’’
John Arthur, Stanford University
‘‘Applications of intense coherent x-ray pulses from LCLS’’
Alexander Litvak, Institute of Applied Physics, RAS
‘‘Self-focusing of ultra-short laser pulses in a dispersive medium’’
Yuri Rostovtsev, Texas A&M University
‘‘Nonlinear scattering in coherently prepared media: Manley-Rowe relations’’
12:20    Marcos Dantus, Michigan State University
‘‘Systematic Chemical Recognition Using Shaped Laser Pulses’’
John Corlett, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
‘‘Proposals and Concepts for Future FELs’’
Wilhelm Becker, Max Born Institut Berlin
‘‘Attosecond electron thermalization by laser-driven electron recollision in atoms’’
Martin Fischer, Duke University
‘‘Multiphoton Microscopy with Shaped Laser Pulses’’
12:40    Thomas Weinacht, SUNY Stony Brook
‘‘Understanding learning control of molecular dynamics: The importance of dynamic resonances’’
Andrew Sessler, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
‘‘Transverse-Longitudinal Correlations: FEL Performance and Emittance Exchange’’
Miaochan Zhi, Texas A&M University
‘‘Application of ultra-short and super-intense laser field -- molecular approach to fusion?’’
Zoe-Elizabeth Sariyanni, Texas A&M University
‘‘Femtosecond Spectroscopy on Molecular Solutions’’
-- Evening --
Friday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Lute Maleki, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (High-Q Photonic Resonators)
   ‘‘Low contrast whispering gallery mode resonators and their applications’’
19:30 Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Highly Tailored Radiation Pulses Using Laser Plasma Interactions)
   ‘‘Intense beams produced by laser-plasma interactions’’
-- Break --
Friday Evening Invited Session
  High-Q Photonic Resonators Highly Tailored Radiation Pulses Using Laser Plasma Interactions Applications of Molecular Spectroscopy Photonics
20:20    Dmitry V. Strekalov, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
‘‘The progress of EIT-based clock and magnetometer at JPL’’.
Thomas Cowan, University of Nevada
‘‘Laser Generated Ion Beams’’
Jaan Laane, Texas A&M University
‘‘A Chemist’s view of the vibrational spectra of DPA and its calcium salts’’
Kent Choquette, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘‘Tunable and coherent coupling of multiple defect photonic crystal vertical cavity lasers’’
20:40    Nan Yu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
‘‘Coupled optoelectronic oscillator: from ultra-low phase noise to ultra-high frequency stability’’
Yoav Avitzour, Princeton University
‘‘Feasibility of X-Ray Laser within the ‘‘Water Window’’ at 3.4 nm’’
Roland Allen, Texas A&M University
‘‘Vibrational modes of dipicolinic acid, and their role in the response to femtosecond-scale laser pulses’’
Weng W. Chow, Sandia National Laboratory
‘‘Active photonic lattices: is greater than blackbody intensity possible?’’
21:00    Anatoliy Savchenkov, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
‘‘Raman lasing and four wave mixing in ultrahigh-Q fluorite whispering gallery mode resonators’’
  Alexander Kolomenski, Texas A&M University
‘‘Two-photon absorption of DPA observed via stimulated Raman scattering’’
Jason Fleischer, Princeton University
‘‘Random-phase solitons in nonlinear photonic lattices’’
21:20        Robert P. Lucht, Purdue University
‘‘Electronic resonance CARS’’

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