PQE-2006 — Poster Session

Petr Anisimov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Level anticrossing and Mossbauer spectroscopy’’

Gombojav Ariunbold, Texas A&M University
‘‘Intensity-intensity correlations and decoherence in Rb atomic vapor’’

Hui Chen, Texas A&M University
‘‘Electromagnetically Induced Transparancy in Molecular Cs’’

Milena D’Angelo, European Lab of Nonlinear Spectroscopy, Florence
‘‘Remotely prepared single-photon time-encoded ebits: homodyne thomography and Bell’s inequality test’’

Barak Dayan, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Towards Experimental Cavity-QED with Microcavities’’

Noam Erez, Texas A&M University
‘‘Measuring the nonlocal phase of a single photon’’

Daniel Felinto, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Measurement-Induced entanglement between remote atomic ensembles’’

George Gibson, University of Connecticut
‘‘High-order multiphoton processes in molecules’’

Paul Hsu, Texas A&M University

Yu Huang, Princeton University
‘‘UV pulse shaping for CARS sensitivity improvement’’

Stewart Jenkins, Georgia Institute of Technology

Andrew N. Jordan, University of Geneva and Texas A&M
‘‘Continuous quantum measurement in the solid state’’

Peter D. Keefe, University of Detroit Mercy
‘‘The Absolute Status of the Second Law of Thermodynamics’’

Victor Kozlov, Texas A&M University
’’Efficient preparation of an optically thick phaseonium’’

Elena Kuznetsova, Texas A&M University
‘‘Experimental observation of electromagnetically induced transparency in Pr3+:LaF3’’

Jochen Küpper, Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Berlin
‘‘Applications of Stark-decelerated molecules’’

Jochen Küpper, Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Berlin
‘‘Alternate Gradient Deceleration of large molecules’’

Shau-Yu Lan, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hebin Li, Texas A&M University
‘‘Saturated Selective Reflection from a glass-Rb surface’’

Robert Murawski, Texas A&M University
‘‘First order corrections to quantum number dimensional scaling for the excited states of atoms’’

Ashok Muthukrishnan, Texas A&M University
‘‘Quantum microscopy beyond the Rayleigh limit: Exponential resolution using N-photon correlation’’

Mikhail Noginov, Norfolk State University
‘‘GaAs random laser with anti-Stokes pumping’’

C. H. Raymond Ooi, Texas A&M University
‘‘Quantum Properties of Macroscopic Raman Photon Pairs from Extended Medium’’

Viktor A. Podolskiy, Oregon State University
‘‘Limitations of light compression with anisotropy’’

Shahid Qamar, Texas A&M University
‘‘"Teleportation of an atomic momentum state’’

Qingqing Sun, Texas A&M University
‘‘All optical controlled steering of light’’

Han Xiong, Texas A&M University
‘‘Coherence-induced entanglement’’

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