PQE-2005 — Full Program

Monday January 3 2005

Monday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:25 George R. Welch, Texas A&M University (Welcome)
   Welcoming Remarks
7:30 Herbert Walther, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik (Cavity QED)
   ‘‘Recent Advances in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics’’
8:00 Federico Capasso, Harvard University (Quantum Cascade Laser Physics and Applications)
   ‘‘New frontiers in quantum cascade laser research’’
8:30 Leonid Butov, University of California at San Diego (Exciton Condensation in Semiconductors)
   ‘‘Experiments on Exciton Condensation and ‘‘Pattern Formation in Coupled Quantum Wells’’
Monday Morning Invited Session 1
  Cavity QED Quantum Cascade Laser Physics and Applications Exciton Condensation in Semiconductors Vibrational and Infrared Molecular Spectroscopy
9:10    Thomas Becker, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
‘‘Cavity QED with the Micromaser: From Fock-State Generation to Phase Diffusion’’
Alexey Belyanin, Texas A&M University
‘‘Coherent nonlinear optics with quantum-cascade structures’’
Ronen Rapaport, Bell-Labs, Lucent Technologies
‘‘Excitons in luminescent rings and artificial traps’’
Paul Champion, Northeastern University
‘‘Exploring Low-Frequency Modes in Biomolecules Using Femtosecond Coherence Spectroscopy’’
9:30    Axel Scherer, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Photonic crystals - basics and prospects’’
Claire Gmachl, Princeton University
‘‘Intersubband transitions beyond QC lasers’’
Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami, University of Tokyo
‘‘Optical manipulation of cold excitons in a quantum degenerate regime’’
Nikolai Kalugin, Texas A&M University
‘‘Multi-phonon Infrared Spectra of thin polycrystalline films and monocrystals of dipicolinic acid’’
9:50    Chris Search, Stevens Institute of Technology
‘‘Quantum Atom Optics: Non-classical Dynamics of Matter-Waves Coupled to Light Fields’’
Cun-Zheng Ning, NASA Ames Center for Nanotechnology
‘‘Possibility of two-photon lasing using intersubband transitions in semiconductor nanostructures’’
Jim Wolfe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘‘Excitons in Cu2O, To BEC or not to BEC?’’
Aleksander Rebane, Montana State University
‘‘1-2-3 photon spectroscopy of NLO chromophores’’
-- Break --
Monday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:30 David Hyland, Texas A&M University (Novel Optics)
   ‘‘Quantum Optics and Exosolar Planet Detection’’
11:00 Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Stanford University (Exciton Condensation in Semiconductors)
   ‘‘Condensate of Polaritons in Microcavities’’
Monday Morning Invited Session 2
  Novel Optics Quantum Cascade Laser Physics and Applications Exciton Condensation in Semiconductors Entanglement, Correlations, and Complementarity
11:40    Michael G. Littman, Princeton University
‘‘Beating Diffraction with a Binary Mask -- Shaped Pupil Coronagraph and the Optical Search for Planets about Nearby Stars’’
J. Barry McManus, Aerodyne Research, Inc.
‘‘Trace gas measurements using pulsed QC lasers: atmospheric and environmental applications’’
Leonid Levitov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘theory of exciton condensation and pattern formation in coupled quantum wells’’
Alfred U’Ren, CISESE
‘‘Applied Photon Entanglement with Multi-Element Sources’’
12:00    Joe Mait, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
‘‘A Historical Perspective of Imaging’’
Tanya L. Myers, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
‘‘Quantum Cascade Laser Transmitters for Sensors and Other Applications’’
Allan MacDonald, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Excitonic Bose Condensation in Quantum Hall Bilayers’’
John Howell, University of Rochester
‘‘Time-Energy EPR Entanglement’’
12:20    Elena Kuznetsova, Texas A&M University
‘‘Solitary waves in amplifying media with excited-state absorption’’
Gottfried Strasser, Technical University of Wien
‘‘Surface emitting quantum cascade lasers’’
Loren Pfeiffer, Bell Laboratories
‘‘Design considerations of GaAs samples intended to demonstrate excitonic BEC’’
Mark Hillery, Hunter College, CUNY
‘‘Discriminating multipartite states’’
12:40    Leon Cohen, City University of New York (Hunter College)
‘‘Time-Frequency Evolution of the Quantum Langevin Equation’’
    Margaret Reid, University of Queensland, Australia
‘‘Criteria for entanglement of macroscopic superpositions’’
-- Evening --
19:00 William G. Unruh, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space)
   ‘‘Dumb Holes and Slow light-- Testing Black Hole Physics in the Lab’’
19:30 Daniel J. Gauthier, Duke University (Ultra-Low-Light Level Nonlinear Optics)
   ‘‘New techniques for ultra-low light-level nonlinear optics’’
20:00 Peter S. Pershan, Harvard University (X-ray optics of liquid surfaces)
   ‘‘X-ray optics of liquid surfaces’’
-- Break --
Monday Evening Invited Session
  Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space Ultra-Low-Light Level Nonlinear Optics Novel Optics Femtosecond Dynamics
20:50    Leonard Parker, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
‘‘Cosmology and Quantum Field Theory in the Curved Spacetime of General Relativity’’
Danielle Braje, Stanford University
‘‘Nonlinear Optics Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Cold Atoms’’
Kevin Lehmann, Princeton University
Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy
Stefanie Gräfe, Wuerzburg University, Germany
‘‘Instanteneous dynamics and quantum control fields: principle and numerical applications’’
21:10    Stephen A. Fulling, Texas A&M University
‘‘Review of some recent work on acceleration radiation’’
Jeff Lundeen, University of Toronto
‘‘Applications of a nonlinear photon switch to Hardy’s Paradox and Bell-state determination’’
George R. Welch, Texas A&M University
‘‘Enhanced coupling between optical and sound waves in the forward direction via ultra-slow light’’
Kazuhiko Misawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
‘‘Real-time wave-packet dynamics and wave-packet engineering’’
21:30    Chris Adami, Keck Graduate Institute/Caltech
‘‘Black holes conserve information in curved-space quantum field theory’’
Min Xiao, University of Arkansas
‘‘All-optical switching with enhanced Kerr nonlinearity in EIT system’’
Raanan Tobey, University of Colorado
‘‘Nonlinear High-Frequency Photoacoustic Spectroscopy using EUV Light
Jaan Laane, Texas A&M University
‘‘Spectroscopic Investigations of Molecular Structures in Electronic Excited States’’
21:50    Paul M. Alsing, Air Force Research Laboratory
‘‘Ion Trap Simulation of theUnruh Effect’’
Alex Kuzmich, Georgia Institute of Technology
‘‘Quantum networking with atomic ensembles’’
Kyungsun Na, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Chaos Assisted STIRAP’’
Roland E. Allen, Texas A&M University
‘‘Response of benzene and dipicolinic acid to ultrafast laser pulses’’

Tuesday January 4 2005

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Sune Svanberg, University of Lund, Sweden (Laser Medical Diagnostics)
   ‘‘Diagnostics and treatment of tumours using laser techniques’’
8:00 Gérard Mourou, U. of Michigan and LOA ENSTA/Ecole Polytechnique Fr. (Relativistic Optics)
   ‘‘Relativistic Optics’’
8:30 Stephen E. Harris, Stanford University (Laser Optics)
   ‘‘Fourier Synthesis of Optical Waveforms’’
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Laser Medical Diagnostics Relativistic Optics Laser Optics Femtosecond Dynamics
9:10    Hans Hertz, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
‘‘Sources and optics for table-top biomedical x-ray imaging’’
Michael Key, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
‘‘Physics of the fast Ignitor’’
Alexei Sokolov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Toward powerful single-cycle laser pulses’’
Manjusha Mehendale, Princeton University
‘‘All UV time resolved coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering’’
9:30    Gordon Cates, University of Virginia
‘‘Progress using Laser Polarized Noble Gases for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’’
Kim Ta Phuoc, LOA ENSTA/Ecole Polytechnique Fr.
‘‘Generation of X-ray beams using lasers from the accelaration of energetic electrons’’
Masayuki Katsuragawa, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
‘‘Ultrashort pulse generation using coherent molecular oscillation’’
Joseph Giordmaine, Princeton University
‘‘Slowing the dephasing of molecular coherence’’
9:50    Irving Bigio, Boston University
‘‘Optical biopsy: noninvasive detection of cancer with elastic-scattering spectroscopy’’
Frank Caroll, Vanderbilt U. Medical Center
‘‘Applications of High Intensity laser-based X-ray imaging and therapy’’
Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri, University of Connecticut
‘‘Measuring properties of superposed light beams carrying different frequencies’’
Barak Dayan, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
‘‘Nonlinear interactions with entangled photons and high-power down-converted light’’
-- Break --
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:30 Eric Mazur, Harvard University (Nanophotonics I)
   ‘‘Wrapping light around a hair’’
11:00 Lute Maleki, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Quantum Metrology)
   ‘‘Hyper parametric oscillation and squeezing in crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators’’
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
  Nanophotonics I Relativistic Optics Quantum Metrology Microcavity enhancements in Semiconductor Lasers and LEDs
11:40    Naomi Halas, Rice University
‘‘Plasmonic Nanosensors’’
John Nees, University of Michigan
‘‘Relativistic Optics: A route to high intensity attosecond pulses’’
Derek Kimball, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘Can a Quantum Nondemolition Measurement Improve the Sensitivity of an Atomic Magnetometer?’’
Connie Chang-Hasnain, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘50GHz VCSEL - no speed limit in sight’’
12:00    Michal Lipson, Cornell University
‘‘Manipulating light using highly confining nanophotonic structures’’
Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
‘‘Laser Plasma-based accelerators: their potential for High Energy Physics’’
Eugeniy Mikhailov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Development of a stable low-frequency squeezed vacuum source for precision position measurement’’
Dennis G. Deppe, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Lithographically defined all epitaxial grating confined VCSELs and their applications to quantum-optics experiments’’
12:20    Kerry Vahala, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Q > 100-million optical micro-resonators on silicon and applications’’
Jean-Claude Kieffer, INRS Canada
‘‘Phase contrast radiography with Ultrafast laser based X-ray source alser baser’’
Alexander Korotkov, University of California at Riverside
‘‘Quantum feedback control in solid-state mesoscopics’’
Kent Choquette, University of Illnois
‘‘Vertical Cavity Photonic Crystal Lasers’’
12:40    Elinor Irish, University of Rochester
‘‘Quantum Electro-Mechanics: Cavity QED beyond the rotating-wave approximation’’
  Irina Novikova, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
‘‘Study of the three-photon absorption resonances as a challenger for the atomic clock’’
Ihab El-kady, Sandia National Laboratory
‘‘Thermal emission from photonic crystals: Does it exceed blackbody radiation?’’
-- Evening --
Tuesday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Paul Brumer, University of Toronto (New Directions in Coherent Control)
   ‘‘Coherent Control of Radiationless Transitions’’
19:30 Wolfgang Schleich, Universität Ulm (Relativity and Optics)
   ‘‘New Frontiers in General Relativity’’
20:00 Jacob Khurgin, Johns Hopkins University (Slow Light Applications)
   ‘‘Parametric Slow Light Structures’’
-- Break --
Tuesday Evening Invited Session
  New Directions in Coherent Control Relativity and Optics Slow Light Applications Nanophotonics II
20:50    Ioannis Thanapoulos, University of British Columbia and
‘‘Coherent Control of Nucleotide Base Pair Mutations’’
Ernst Rasel, Universität Hannover
‘‘Atom optics on ground and in space’’
Yifu Zhu, Florida International University
‘‘Nonlinear wave mixing with EIT in cold atoms’’
Evgenii E. Narimanov, Princeton University
‘‘Chaotic Microlasers Based on Dynamical Anderson Localization’’
21:10    Matthais Wollenhaupt, Universität Kassel
‘‘Quantum Control Using Intense Shaped Pulses’’
Ignazio Ciufolini, Universita’ di Lecce, Italy
‘‘Accurate measurement of frame-dragging using the LAGEOS satellites and the GRACE Earth gravity models’’
Art Smirl, University of Iowa
‘‘Stopping, Trapping and Releasing Light in Doubly-Resonant Nanostructures’’
Viktor A. Podolskiy, Oregon State University
‘‘Nanostructured non-magnetic left-handed composites’’
21:30    Victor S. Batista, Yale University
‘‘Creating and Manipulating Electronic Coherences in Functionalized Seminconductor Nanostructures’’
Francis Everitt, Stanford University
‘‘Gravity Probe B On-Orbit: Processing the Science Data’’
De-Kui Qing, Texas A&M University
‘‘Delay-Time-Bandwidth Product in Slow Light’’
Jean-Pierre Leburton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘‘Charge stability and exchange engineering in coupled quantum dots’’
21:50    Petr Kral, University of Illinois at Chicago
‘‘Control of catalytic activity of proteins in vivo’’
Ulrich Schreiber, Universität Essen
‘‘Beyond the 6th decimal -- High Precision Sagnac Interferometry’’
Alexander Gaeta, Cornell University
‘‘Slow Light in Optical Fibers’’
Sang-Kee Eah, The University of Chicago and Argonne
‘‘Scattered light interference of a single metal nanoparticle and its mirror image’’

Wednesday January 5 2005

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Vladimir M. Shalaev, Purdue University (Plasmonic Nanophotonics)
   ‘‘Plasmonic Nanophotonics: Coupling Light to Nanoscale via Plasmons’’
8:00 John Pendry, Imperial College (Plasmonic Nanophotonics)
   ‘‘Metamaterials Open New Vistas in Optics’’
8:30 Mike Romalis, Princeton University (Magnetometry)
   ‘‘High-density alkali-metal magnetometers and their applications’’
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Plasmonic Nanophotonics Electron Waveguides Magnetometry Biophysics and Biochemistry
9:10    Gennady Shvets, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Band engineering using electrostatic resonances: applications to super-lensing’’
Linda Reichl, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Electron waveguide quantum computers’’
Peter Schwindt, NIST, Boulder
‘‘Microfabricated Atomic Magnetometers’’
James Weaver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Transport, sources and sinks: A multiscale, modular approach to modeling systems in biology and medicine’’
9:30    Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology
‘‘Strong Coupling in Plasmonic Materials’’
Jonathan Bird, SUNY at Buffalo
‘‘Electron Waveguides for Quantum Computing: Spin & Wave-Based Approaches’’
Frank Narducci, Naval Air Systems Command
‘‘Atomic Magnetometry with Laser-Trapped Atoms’’
Timothy F. Havel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Some Connections between Protein NMR Spectroscopy and NMR Quantum Computing’’
9:50    Ildar Gabitov, University of Arizona
‘‘Nonlinear electrodynamics of ultrashort pulses in a medium with negative refractive index’’
Charles Stafford, University of Arizona
‘‘Spontaneous formation of nanoscale electron waveguides’’
Chris Hovde, Southwest Sciences
‘‘Earth-Field Atomic Magnetometry with Frequency-Modulated Light’’
Eric O. Potma, Harvard University
‘‘Biology seen through the window of CARS’’
-- Break --
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:30 Award Lamb Medal (Lamb Medal)
   ‘‘The presentation of the 2005 Willis E. Lamb medal for Laser Science and Quantum Optics’’
11:00 Mark Raizen, University of Texas at Austin (Low Dimensional Quantum Gases)
   ‘‘Quantum Dynamics and Transport in Low-Dimensional Bose Gases’’
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
  Plasmonic Nanophotonics Low Dimensional Quantum Gases Magnetometry and Quantum Metrology Laser Microtexturing
11:40    Mikhail Noginov, Norfolk State University
‘‘Effect of silver nanoparticles on luminescence of Eu3+ ions in organic and inorganic materials’’
David S. Weiss, Pennsylvania State University
‘‘Observation of a 1D Tonks-Girardeau gas’’
Antoine Weis, Université de Fribourg
‘‘The human heart beat seen by cesium magnetometers’’
Andreas Ostendorf, Laser Zentrum Hannover
‘‘Patterning of silicon surfaces by ps and fs laser pulses’’
12:00    Mark I. Stockman, Georgia State University
‘‘Coherent, nonlinear, and quantum nanoplasmonics’’
Maxim Olshanii, University of Southern California
‘‘Interatomic Interactions and Interference’’
Andrey Matsko, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
‘‘Magnetometer based on the opto-electronic microwave oscillator’’
Peter Herman, University of Toronto
‘‘Ultrafast laser processing: controlling heat accumulation effects with variable repetition rate’’
12:20    Sergey Bozhevolnyi, University of Aalborg, Denmark
‘‘Polaritonics: photonics based on surface plasmon polaritons’’
Daniel J. Heinzen, University of Texas at Austin
‘‘Superfluid and insulating states of a Bose gas in an optical lattice’’
Dmitry Budker, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘Selective addressing and applications of high-order atomic polarization moments’’
Stephen Jesse, Oak Ridge National Lab / UTK
‘‘Modelling the evolution of surface micro-structures on laser irradiated silicon’’
12:40    Michael Scalora, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
‘‘Negative Refraction of Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses’’
Peter Drummond, University of Queensland, Australia
‘‘Atoms in optical lattices and the Fermi sign problem’’
Dmitry V. Strekalov, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
‘‘Quantum-correlation metrology with biphotons: where is the limit?’’
Steve Yalisove, University of Michigan
‘‘Ultrafast laser interaction with Si-SiO2 interfaces’’
-- Evening --
Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Peter D. Keefe, Keefe & Associates (Thermodynamics and the Second Law)
   ‘‘Does the Adiabatic First Order Phase Transition of a Type I Superconductor Particle Pose a Quantum Limit to the Second Law?’’
19:30 Olga Kocharovskaya, Texas A&M University (Gamma-ray Optics)
   ‘‘Laser manipulations of nuclear transitions’’
20:00 James Franson, Johns Hopkins University (Quantum Crypto/Comp)
   ‘‘Linear Optics Quantum Computing’’
-- Break --
Wednesday Evening Invited Session
  Plasmonic Nanophotonics Gamma-ray Optics Quantum Crypto/Comp Novel Optics
20:50    Mark Brongersma, Stanford University
‘‘Towards CMOS Compatible Nanophotonics and Plasmonics’’
Esen E. Alp, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Techniques and Their Applications’’
Jonathan P. Dowling, Louisiana State University
‘‘Quantum Optical Sensing, Imaging, and Computing’’
Xinyong Fu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
‘‘Realization of Maxwell’s Hypothesis’’
21:10    Vladimir P. Drachev, Purdue University
‘‘Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Metal Quantum Dots’’
David Reis, University of Michigan
‘‘Picosecond resolved x-ray scattering’’
Todd B. Pittman, Johns Hopkins University
‘‘Heralding single photons from pulsed down-conversion’’
Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M University
‘‘Using Quantum Mechanics to Exorcise Maxwell’s Demon’’
21:30    Peter G. Kik, CREOL, University of Central Florida
‘‘Resonant near-field excitation of surface plasmons for applications in imaging and optical interconnects’’
Ian McNulty, Argonne National Laboratory
‘‘X-ray coherence and microscopy’’
Howard Brandt, ARL
‘‘Design for a Quantum Cryptographic Entangling Probe’’
Goong Chen, Texas A&M University
‘‘Generalized Two-Centered Orbitals in the Modeling of Diatomic Molecules and Relevant Asymptotics’’
21:50    Karl L. Kompa, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
‘‘Molecules as Nanoscopic Information Devices’’
John Miao, University of California at Los Angeles
‘‘Coherent Imaging and Its Applications’’
Philip Hemmer, Texas A&M University
‘‘VLSI quantum computer in diamond’’
Mark D. Havey, Old Dominion University
‘‘Mesoscopic Wave Dynamics in Ultracold Atomic Rb’’

Thursday January 6 2005

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 1
7:30 Szymon Suckewer, Princeton University (What’s New in Field of X-Ray Lasers)
   ‘‘X-Ray Lasers via Optical Field Ionization’’
8:00 Joseph W. Haus, University of Dayton (Nanophotonics III)
8:30 Vitaly Kocharovsky, Texas A&M University (Semiconductor Optoelectronics)
   ‘‘Interband Nonlinear Mixing Lasers for Mid/Far-Infrared Generation’’
Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
  What’s New in Field of X-Ray Lasers Nanophotonics III Semiconductor Optoelectronics Entanglement, Correlations, and Complementarity
9:10    Jorge Rocca, Colorado State University
‘‘High repetition rate table-top and desk-top size soft x-ray lasers’’
Edward (Ted) Sargent, Univeristy of Toronto
‘‘Infrared Colloidal Quantum Dots: Electroluminescent, Photovoltaic, and Modulation Devices’’
Henryk Temkin, Texas Tech University
‘‘Semiconductor Light Sources for the Ultraviolet’’
Vincenzo Savona, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne
‘‘Quantum complementarity of microcavity polaritons’’
9:30    Jonathan S. Wurtele, University of California at Berkeley
‘‘Ultra-high intensity femtosecond laser via Raman Amplification for X-Ray Lasers’’
Steve Blair, University of Utah
‘‘Molecular detection and nonlinear optics with metallic nanocavities’’
Junichiro Kono, Rice University
‘‘Optical Signatures of the Aharonov-Bohm Phase in Carbon Nanotubes’’
Arthur Dogariu, NEC Laboratories America
‘‘Correlated photons via cascaded four-wave mixing in microstructured fiber’’
9:50    Yoav Avitzour, Princeton University
‘‘Possibility for compact recombination XRLs using Optical Field Ionization’’
Mark Baldo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘‘Molecular circuits from Photosynthetic complexes’’
Scott Crooker, Los Alamos National Laboratory
‘‘Imaging electron spin flows in semiconductors in the presence of electric, magnetic, and strain fields’’
Edward S. Fry, Texas A&M University
‘‘Nonlocality in Quantum Mechanics’’
-- Break --
Thursday Morning Plenary Session 2
10:30 Richard Miles, Princeton University (Stand Off Detection)
   ‘‘Spectral Methods for Imaging High-Speed Fluid Flow’’
11:00 Wolfgang Kiefer, Wuerzburg University, Germany (Femtosecond Spectroscopy)
   ‘‘Femtosecond coherent four-wave mixing spectroscopy and applications’’
Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
  What’s New in Field of X-Ray Lasers Nanophotonics III Femtosecond Spectroscopy Quantum Imaging
11:40    Claudio Pellegrini, University of California at Los Angeles
‘‘Status of development of X-Ray FEL and some new ideas’’
Michael E. Crenshaw, US Army RDECOM
‘‘Quantum Electrodynamic Foundations of Continuum Electrodynamics’’
Torsten Siebert, Wuerzburg University, Germany
‘‘Optimizing population-transfer to excited vibrational states in femtosecond time-resolved coherent anti-stokes Raman Scattering for enhanced molecular recognition’’
Robert Boyd, University of Rochester
‘‘Progress in Quantum Lithography and Ghost Imaging’’
12:00    Marlan O. Scully et al., Texas A&M University
‘‘Charge-Exchange X-Ray Lasers’’
Edo Waks, Stanford University
‘‘Single Photon Sources’’
Vladimir A. Sautenkov, Texas A&M University
‘‘UV coherent absorption spectroscopy for anthrax’’
Giuliano Scarcelli, UMBC
‘‘Quantum imaging using thermal and Raman photon pairs’’
12:20      Geoffrey Hunter, York University
‘‘Experimental Confirmation of the Photon as an Ellipsoidal Soliton’’
Yuri Rostovtsev, Texas A&M University
‘‘Electromagnetically Induced Coherent Scattering (EICS) in Backward Direction’’
Fuli Li, Texas A&M University
‘‘Coherence induced entanglement’’
12:40      Nan Yu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
‘‘Ultra-low noise optical pulse generation through regenerative Q of the mode-locked laser’’
Guy Beadie, Naval Research Laboratory
‘‘CARS Detection: How Can We Optimize Sensitivity?’’
Manfred Kleber, Technische Universität München
‘‘Imaging Atoms with Evanescent Waves’’
-- Evening --
Thursday Evening Plenary Session
19:00 Gerd Leuchs, University of Erlangen, Germany (Quantum Algorithms)
   ‘‘Continuous Variable Quantum Algorithms’’
19:30 Norbert Kroó, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Near Field Effects)
   ‘‘Near field microscopy with surface plasmons and their statistical properties’’
20:00 Paul Corkum, National Research Council of Canada (What’s New in Field of X-Ray Lasers)
   ‘‘Attosecond Imaging: Using a Molecule’s own Electrons to Image Molecular Orbitals’’
-- Break --
Thursday Evening Invited Session
  Quantum Algorithms Gamma-ray Optics Novel Optics CARS Spectroscopy
20:50    Oliver Gloeckl, University of Erlangen, Germany
‘‘From phase measurements on intense light beams to entanglement generation by spatial separation of quantum sidebands’’
James J. Carroll, Youngstown University
‘‘An experimental perspective on releasing energy from nuclear isomers’’
Gerard Wysocki, Rice University
‘‘Quantum cascade laser based trace-gas sensors for human breath analysis’’
Zoe-Elizabeth Sariyanni, Texas A&M University
‘‘Femtosecond CARS on molecules: Gaining Insight from a Theoretical Analysis’’
21:10    Julien Niset, Ecole Polytechnique and Universite Libre de Bruxelles
‘‘Quantum cloning with continuous variables’’
Douglas Cline, University of Rochester
‘‘Nuclear structure studies of nuclear isomers and implications for controlled energy release’’
Fam Le Kien, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
‘‘Atom traps and waveguides using evanescent light fields around subwavelength-diameter fibers’’
Robert Lucht, Purdue University
‘‘Nonperturbative Modeling of Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering with Ultrafast Lasers’’
21:30    Matt Eisaman, Harvard University
‘‘Quantum Control of Single Photons using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency’’
Roman Kolesov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Influence of electromagnetic radiation on the Mossbauer spectra through co-dopants.’’
Anil K. Patnaik, Texas A&M University
‘‘Raman Photon Pair Correlations Via the Onsager Regression Theorem’’
Dmitry Pestov, Texas A&M University
‘‘Femtosecond CARS on organic molecules’’
21:50      Petr Anisimov, Texas A&M University
‘‘ ‘‘Magic-angle’’ technique for suppression of inhomogeneous broadening of Mossbauer spectra’’
Michel de Haan, Université Libre de Bruxelles
‘‘Field theory reformulated without self-energy parts’’
Chong H. (Raymond) Ooi, Texas A&M University
‘‘Enhanced Nonlinear CARS Backscattering via Quantum Coherence for Remote Detection of Anthrax Spores’’

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