PQE-2004 — Poster Session

Louis Sica, Naval Research Laboratory
``Derivation of probabilistic Bell's inequalities from correlational forms''

Arthur Dogariu, NEC Research Institute
``Correlated photon generation in fiber using four-wave mixing''

Verne L. Jacobs, Naval Research Laboratory
``Reduced-Density-Matrix Descriptions for Coherent Electromagnetic Interactions in Quantized Many-Electron Systems''

Peter D. Keefe, Keefe & Associates
``Second Law Implications of a Magneto-Caloric Effect Adiabatic Phase Transition of Type I Superconductive Particles''

Aihua Zhang, Texas A&M University
``Observation of Anomolous Stimulated Scattering of Sound Waves via Ultra Slow Light''

Kishore T. Kapale, Texas A&M University
``Novel Approach to Molecular Physics Through Correlated Two-Center Orbitals''

Jayson Stewart, Texas A&M University
``Frequency quadrupled fiber amplifier at 1014nm''

Chong H. Ooi, Texas A&M University
``Second Order Photon Pair Correlation of Double Spontaneous Raman Scheme''

Moochan Kim, Texas A&M University
``Analytic calculation of the energy for homo- and hetero-nuclear molecules with exact two center molecular orbits''

Zoe-Elizabeth Sariyanni, Texas A&M University
``Resonant CARS Simulation in Atomic Systems and DPA''

David Haubrich, Texas A&M University
``Characteristics of Laser Beam Fanning in Photorefractive Crystals and its Applications''

Noam Erez, Texas A&M University
``Zeno Error Correction''

Andrea Burzo, Texas A&M University
``Keldysh model for multiphoton ionization of H2+ by single cycle pulses timed with respect to molecular oscillations''

Andrea Burzo, Texas A&M University
``Multiphoton ionization by single cycle pulses synchronized with molecular motion''

Anil Patnaik, Texas A&M University
``Manipulating retrival of stored light pulse''

Farit Vagizov, Texas A&M University
``Experimental Observation of Laser-Induced Modification of Mossbauer Spectra''

Kerim Urtekin, Texas A&M University
``Mathematical Analysis and Computations of Simple Two-Center Orbitals in Molecular Quantum Mechanics''

Dmitry Pestov, Texas A&M University
``Far-infrared few-cycle-pulse emission via resonant mixing in semiconductor heterostructures''

Vladimir A. Sautenkov, Texas A&M University
``Femtosecond coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy of cesium molecules cesium molecules''

Yusheng Dou, Texas A&M University
``Molecular calculations with two-center correlated orbitals: Numerical calculation of electron integrals''

Petr Anisimov, Texas A&M University
``Narrowing Mossbauer Spectra by rotating magnetic field''

Zhisong Wang, Texas A&M University
``Single-pair fluorescence energy transfer inside laser microcavity''

Miaochan Zhi, Texas A&M University
``Nuclear collisions induced by single-cycle laser pulses: Molecular approach to fusion''

Hui Chen, Texas A&M University
``Cs dimer absorption spectrum at 780nm''

Paul Steve Hsu, Texas A&M University

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