PQE-2003 — Full Program

Monday January 6 2003

Monday Morning Plenary Session 1
Herschel A. Rabitz, Princeton University (Closed Loop Control of Quantum Systems)
   ``Tying the Loop Tighter Around Quantum Systems''
Szymon Suckewer, Princeton University (Application of Ultrashort Pulses and X-Ray Radiations)
   ``Some New Approaches to Generation of Ultrashort and Ultraintense Pulses and Potential Applications''
Jim Gordon, Lucent Technologies (Solitons)
   ``Wigner densities, quantum noise, and solitons''
Monday Morning Invited Session 1
Closed Loop Control of Quantum Systems Application of Ultrashort Pulses and X-Ray Radiations Solitons
Philip Bucksbaum, University of Michigan
``Experimental aspects of closed-loop control of unimolecular reactions in liquids''
Todd Ditmire, University of Texas, Austin
``Generation of X-Rays and Neutrons with Ultraintense and Ultrafast Pulse Laser''
Jorge R. Tredicce, Institut Non Lineaire de Nice, France
``Cavity solitons as pixels in semiconductor microcavities''
Marcus Motzkus, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik
``Quantum control of ultracomplex molecular systems with shaped pulses''
Nat Fisch, Princeton University
``Raman Amplification and Compression of Ultrashort Pulses in Plasmas; a Successor Technology to CPA?''
Ildar Gabitov, University of Arizona
Robert R. Jones, University of Virginia
``Closed Loop Control of Intense Laser Fragmentation of Small Clusters''
Jim Dunn, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
``Ultrashort Pulse Driven X-Ray Lasers''
Randy Hulet, Rice University
``Tunable Interactions in Ultracold Bose and Fermi Gases: Solitons to Superfluids''
-- Break --
Monday Morning Plenary Session 2
Joseph W. Haus, University of Dayton (Photonics)
   ``Nonlinear optics in photonic crystals''
Gustav Gerber, Universität Würzburg (Closed Loop Control of Quantum Systems)
   ``Adaptive Femtosecond Quantum Control''
Monday Morning Invited Session 2
Closed Loop Control of Quantum Systems Application of Ultrashort Pulses and X-Ray Radiations Photonics
Ian Walmsley, University of Oxford
``Looking for peace and quiet: Using learning control to avoid decoherence''
Jorge Rocca, Colorado State University
``Applications of Very Compact Soft X-Ray Lasers''
Giuseppe D'Aguanno, Università di Roma ``La Sapienza''
``Trapping and Storing Light in c(2) Photonic Crystals''
Henry Kapteyn, JILA, University of Colorado
``Coherent Control of Atoms and Molecules Using Broad-Bandwidth Light Pulses''
Margaret Murnane, JILA
``Multiphoton EUV PHotonics: Quasi Phase Matching at Short Wavelengths''
Lute Maleki, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
``Photonic oscillator''
Hideo Mabuchi, California Institute of Technology
``Experiments in Quantum Feedback''
Elena Kuznetsova, Texas A&M University
``Short pulse generation in the gamma-ray range''
Shi-Yao Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist College
``Light propagation in one-dimensional photonic crystals with dispersion''
Ludger Wöste, Freie Universität Berlin
``Coherent Control of Metal Clusters: Learning Dynamics with Self-Learning Algorithms''
Heinrich Schwoerer, Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena
``Relativistic laser plasmas and laser-induced nuclear reactions''
Kohzo Hakuta, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan
``Quantum coherence in solid hydrogen''
Robert Levis, Temple University
``Adaptive Strong Field Control of Chemistry''
  Anil K. Patnaik, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
``Slow light propagation in a thin optical fiber via electromagnetically induced transparency''
-- Afternoon --
Leon Cohen, City University of New York (Hunter College) (The Quantum/Classical Interface)
   ``Quantum phase space, correspondence rules, and the speech-hearing connection''
Theo Nieuwenhuizen, University of Amsterdam (Quantum Thermodynamics)
   ``Thermodynamics and small quantum systems''
M. Shapiro, Weizmann Institute (Quantum Control of Molecular Processes)
   ``Dark states: An analytical solution to the non-degenerate quantum control problem and a proposed mechanism for quantum jumps''
-- Break --
Monday Evening Invited Session
Quantum Control of Molecular Processes Quantum Thermodynamics The Quantum/Classical Interface
Paul Brumer, University of Toronto
``Control and Decoherence: When is Quantum Decoherence Dynamics Classical?''
D. P. Sheehan, University of San Diego
``Hammers, anvils and stirrups: sounding second law tests''
Pat Loughlin, University of Pittsburgh
``Instantaneous frequency, quantum mechanical current, and phase-space distributions''
Ara Apkarian, University of California, Irvine
``Multilinear spectroscopy to control and compute in the molecular Hilbert space''
M. Howard Lee, University of Georgia
``Carnot cycle for photon gas?''
Lorenzo Galleani, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
``Nonlinear oscillations and the Wigner distribution''
Ilya Averbukh, Weizmann Institute of Science
``Squeezing of Atoms by Pulsed Optical Lattices''
Peter Keefe, Keefe & Associates
``Coherent Magneto-Caloric Effect Superconductive Heat Engine Process Cycle''
Robert Kosut, SC Solutions, Inc.
``Adaptive Control of Quantum Systems''
Andre D. Bandrauk, Univ. de Sherbrooke, Canada
``Attosecond Control of Harmonic Generation''
Zoe Sariyianni, Texas A&M University
``Photo-Carnot quantum engine''
David H. Hughes, AFRL
``Time-Frequency Signatures in Classical Phenomenological Physics''
Victor Batista, Yale University
``Coherent Control of Photoisomerization in Retinal''
  Yanhua Shih, UMBC
``Classical and Quantum Imaging''

Tuesday January 7 2003

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Federico Capasso, Harvard University (Infrared Semiconductor Optoelectroncs)
   ``Mid and far infrared Quantum Cascade lasers''
Daniel J. Heinzen, University of Texas at Austin (Bose-Einstein Condensation and Ultra-cold Gasses)
   ``Coherent production of molecules in Bose-Einstein condensates''
Tamar Seideman, National Research Council of Canada (Strong Field Control of External Molecular Modes)
   ``Current-Triggered Dynamics in Molecular-Scale Devices''
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
Strong Field Control of External Molecular Modes Quantum Information and Quantum Computing Infrared Semiconductor Optoelectroncs
Roger E. Miller, University of North Carolina
``Transition Moment Directions in Oriented Biomolecules: A New Structural Tool"
Timothy F. Havel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
``The Real Density Matrix''
Claire Gmachl, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
``Multiwavelength and Nonlinear Light Generation in Quantum Cascade Lasers''
Ilya Averbukh, Weizmann Institute of Science
``Controlling Quantum Rotation with Light''
Jean-Pierre Leburton, University of Illinois
``A scalable Spin-qubit Circuit with Quantum Dots''
Alexey Belyanin, Texas A&M University
``Resonant Nonlinear Optical Processes in Semiconductor Lasers''
Bretislav Friedrich, Harvard University
``Population Transfer, Spectrosocpy and Manipulation of Molecules in Nonresonant Fields''
Mark Hillery, Hunter College, CUNY
``Programmable quantum circuits''
Ben Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
``Development of THz quantum-cascade lasers''
-- Break --
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
Michael Feld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Biological and Organic Photonics)
Charles Munnerlyn, Visx Inc. (Biological and Organic Photonics)
   ``"Lasers in Ophthalmology: Past, Present, and Future''
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
Strong Field Control of External Molecular Modes Biological and Organic Photonics Infrared Semiconductor Optoelectroncs
Gerard Meijer, FOM-Institute for Plasma-Physics `Rijnhuizen'
``Deceleration and Trapping of Polar Molecules''
Andrew Berger, University of Rochester
``Raman spectroscopy for studying oral bacteria''
Oleg Astafiev, Japan Science and Technology Corporation
``Infrared photon detectors using semiconductor quantum dots''
Jon Marangos, Imperial College
``Molecular HHG and Electron Dynamics in Strong Laser Fields''
Frank Wise, Cornell University
``Semiconductor Quantum Dots: New Capabilities for Fluorescence Microscopy''
Dennis G. Deppe, The University of Texas at Austin
``Unipolar Quantum Cascade Quantum Dot Structures for Infrared Light Emission''
Robert Gordon, University of Illinois at Chicago
``Nanolithography with Molecular Optics''
Lewis Rothberg, University of Rochester
``Photophysics of Conjugated Polymers''
Rolf Binder, University of Arizona
``Theory of biexcitonic electromagnetically-induced transparency in semiconductors''
Wolfgang Lange, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
``Ions and Photons under Deterministic Control''
Z. Valy Vardeny, University of Utah
``Random Lasers in Organics''
Jerome Faist, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland
``Quantum Cascade Lasers: THz and the Search for Second-Order Gain''
Karl L. Kompa, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
``Controlling vibrational energy in molecules''
Hans Schuessler, Texas A&M University
``Heart and brain reseach at the molecular and subcellular levels with laser excited surface plasmons''
-- Afternoon --
Tuesday Evening Plenary Session
Bob Doering, Texas Instruments (Semiconductor Challenges in Industry)
   ``Can We Tunnel Through the Barriers Facing Moore's Law?''
Vladimir M. Shalaev, Purdue University (Nano-Optics)
   ``Plasmonic Nanophotonics: Manipulating Light and Sensing Molecules''
Barry Sanders, Macquarie University, Australia (Quantum Information and Quantum Computing)
   ``Requirements for quantum computation''
-- Break --
Tuesday Evening Invited Session
Quantum Information and Quantum Computing Nano-Optics Bose-Einstein Condensation and Ultra-cold Gasses
Janos Bergou, Hunter College, CUNY
``Quantum state discrimination''
Naomi Halas, Rice University
``Plasmon Hybridization: Design Principles and Realization of Nanophotonic Architectures''
Juha Javanainen, University of Connecticut
``Making a molecular condensate using the Feshbach resonance''
Jim Franson, Johns Hopkins University
``Progress in Linear Optics Quantum Computing''
Jason W. Fleischer, Technion, Israel
``Solitons in optically-induced photonic lattices''
Belen Paredes, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
``1/2-Anyons with small atomic Bose-Einstein condensates''
Laszlo Kish, Texas A&M University
``Noise, Speed and Dissipation: End of Moore's Law of Miniaturization?''
Yujie J. Ding, Lehigh University
``Efficient laser amplifiers based on quasi-indirect-bandgap GaAs/AlAs nanostructures''
Robert Brecha, University of Dayton
``Collapse of a degenerate Fermi gas''
Attila Bergou, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
``Relativistic Quantum Information Theory''
David Smith, NASA Huntsville
``Enhancement of Optical Nonlinearities in Composite Media and Structures via Local Fields and Electromagnetic Coupling Effects''
Jonathan Weinstein, NIST
``Photoassociation spectroscopy of Na$_2$ and electromagnetically-induced matter-wave transparency''

Wednesday January 8 2003

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Alexander Gaeta, Cornell University (Ultrashort Laser Propagation)
   ``The Universal Nature of Nonlinear Wave Collapse''
Ludger Wöste, Freie Universität Berlin (Ultrashort Laser Propagation)
   ``"First" fs-TW Generated Artificial Beacons''
Terry Michalske, Sandia National Laboratories (Semiconductor lasers)
   ``Integrated Nanotechnology: Activities at Sandia and Opportunities with DOE's Nanoscience User Facilities'
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
Ultrashort Laser Propagation Semiconductor lasers EIT and Coherence Effects
Vern Schlie, AFRL/DE
``Propagation Summary''
Jim Harris, Stanford University
``VCSELs for snowmaking''
Kishore Kapale, Texas A&M University
``Quenching of spontaneous emission through interference of incoherent pump processes''
Andrey Mysyrowicz, Ecole Polytechnique, France
``Femtosecond Light bullets in the sky: recent advances''
Kent Choquette, University of Illnois
``Coupled Microcavities in Vertical Cavity Lasers''
Olga Kocharovskaya, Texas A&M University
``Atomic and Nuclear Interference in Solids''
Jerry Moloney, Univ of Arizona
``Femtosecond Atmospheric Light Strings: Supercontinuum and Rf Emission Sources''
Hailin Wang, University of Oregon
``Electromagnetically induced transparency from spin coherence in semiconductors''
Roman Kolesov, Texas A&M University
``Electromagnetically induced transparency in a neon discharge: prospects for a new method of plasma diagnostics''
Phil Sprangle, Naval Research Laboratory
``Propagation of Intense, Short Laser Pulses in Atm''
Connie Chang, University of California, Berkeley
``Proposal of Semiconductor Variable All-Optical Buffer''
George R. Welch, Texas A&M University
``Ellipticity-dependent magneto-optical polarization rotation via multi-photon coherence''
-- Break --
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
Award Lamb Medal (Lamb Medal)
   ``The presentation of the 2002 Willis E. Lamb medal for Laser Science and Quantum Optics to Leon Cohen, Michael Feld, and Herschel Rabitz''
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
Ultrashort Laser Propagation Coherent Optics in Semiconductors Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
Antonio Ting, Naval Research Laboratory
``Optical Guiding fs-TW Experiments in Air/Plasmas''
Leonid Butov, University of California at Berkeley
``Exciton condensation in semiconductor nanostructures''
Suhail Zubairy, Texas A&M University
``Cavity QED based quantum phase gate and applications''
Mike Campbell, General Atomics
``Application of Petawatt Lasers for Fast Ignition''
Cristiano Ciuti, University of California at San Diego
``Polariton parametric interactions in semiconductor microcavities''
Paolo Tombesi, U. Camerino, Italy
``Beating the standard quantum limit with entangled meters''
  Roberto Merlin, University of Michigan
``Optically-Induced Multi-Spin Entanglement in a Semiconductor Quantum Well''
Phil Hemmer, Texas A&M University
``Progress toward quantum computing and stopped-light quantum storage, using EIT in solids''
  Carlo Piermarocchi, Michigan State Univ.
``Optical control of electron spins in quantum dots for quantum computation''
Gordon Chen, Texas A&M University
``Quantum Circuit Design for the Multi-Object Search Problem''
-- Afternoon --
Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
Christoph H. Keitel, University of Freiburg (Ultraintense laser fields)
   ``Ultra-intense laser-matter interaction: from atomic towards high-energy physics''
Gershon Kurizki, Weizmann Institute of Science (Laser Induced Effects in Cold Gases)
   ``Cold Gases with Laser-Induced Long-Range Forces''
Alexander Litvak, Institute of Applied Physics, RAS (High Power Microwaves)
   ``High Power Microwaves: Sources and Applications''
-- Break --
Wednesday Evening Invited Session
Ultraintense laser fields Laser Induced Effects in Cold Gases Field Effects
Wilhelm Becker, Max Born Institute, Berlin
``Quantum-path survey of the relativistic laser-atom interaction''
Roy Ozeri, Weizmann Institute
``Experiments in Laser - Induced Interactions in Condensates''
L. J. Wang, NEC
``Light transmission through nano-apertures''
Pravesh Patel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
``Generation of intense proton beams with ultrashort-pulse lasers''
Qian Niu, University of Texas at Austin
``Laser Tweezers in Condensates''
Marcus Pollnau, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
``Novel broadband light sources for optical coherence tomography''
Koichi Yamakawa, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Kyoto
``Ultrafast, petawatt Ti:sapphire laser and its applications to relativistic ionization of atoms and clusters''
Duncan O'Dell, University of Sussex
``Rotons and Excitation Spectra in Laser-Illuminated Condensates''
Steve Blair, University of Utah
``Engineering the nonlinear phase shift using artificial resonances''
Joerg Evers, University of Freiburg
``Spontaneous emission suppression with intense low-frequency laser fields''
Pierre Pillet, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton
``Experiments in Frozen Rydberg Gases''
Qiang Lin, Zhejiang University
``Coherence effect on superluminal propagation of light''
    Thomas Becker, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
``Fock-state generation and phase diffusion''

Thursday January 9 2003

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 1
Mark A. Kasevich, Stanford University (Metrology)
   ``Towards Heisenberg-limited de Broglie-wave force sensors''
Alessandra Gatti, Università dell'Insubria (Entanglement)
   ``Entangled imaging and wave-particle duality: from the microscopic to the macroscop realm''
Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
Entanglement Novel Optics Metrology
Marc J. Feldman, University of Rochester
``Computers without Switches''
Howard Brandt, Army Research Lab
``Quantum Vacuum Heuristics''
Alexander Kolomenski, Texas A&M University
``A comparative analysis of laser methods in Raman spectroscopy''
Mauro Paternostro, The Queen's University of Belfast
``Generation of entangled coherent states using a double electromagnetically induced transparency''
Manfred Kleber, Technical University of Munich
``Matter waves from quantum sources''
Nan Yu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
``Atom interferometry in space - from fundamental physics to practical applications''
Ashok Muthukrishnan, Texas A&M University
``Two-photon sources and path entanglement''
Michael E. Crenshaw, US Army Aviation and Missile Command
``Index Enhancement and Absorption Compensation via Quantum Coherence Control in Multicomponent Media''
Irina Novikova, Texas A&M University
``Effects of buffer gas on nonlinear magneto-optic rotation''
-- Break --
Thursday Morning Plenary Session 2
Alexander Sergienko, Boston University (Quantum Metrology)
   ``Quantum Metrology with Entangled Photons''
Robert Boyd, University of Rochester (Photonics)
   ``Everything photonic''
Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
Femtosecond Pulses Quantum Metrology Plasmas and Free Electron Lasers
Eric Mazur, Harvard University
``Femtosecond Laser Micromachining: Applications in Photonics and Biology''
Ulvi Yurtsever, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
``using entangled particles to do metrology on the gravitational metric''
Sandra G. Biedron, MAX-Laboratory and Argonne National Lab.
``Overview of short-wavelength free-electron lasers and exotic schemes''
Alexei V. Sokolov, Texas A&M University
``Ultra-Short Optical Pulse Generation by the Adiabatic Raman Technique''
Aephraim M. Steinberg, University of Toronto
``Quantum information with photons and atoms: from tomography to error correction''
Takashi Tanaka, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Japan
``Theoretical investigation of misalignment effects in the FEL based on self-amplified spontaneous emission''
Roland Allen, Texas A&M University
``Molecular Transformations following Femtosecond-scale Laser Pulses''
A. Migdall, NIST (Gaithersburg)
``Two photon metrology - getting gown to business''
Yuri Rostovtsev, Texas A&M University
``Free Electron Lasers without Inversion: Concept and First Numerical Experiments''
Kazuhiko Misawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
``Wave packet engineering using a phase-programmable femtosecond optical source''
S. Castelletto, IEN Galileo Ferraris, Italy
``Quantum and Classical resources for the metrology of biphoton field in parametric down conversion''
Gennady Shvets, Illinois Institute of Technology and Fermilab
``Electromagnetically Induced Transparency of Plasma: From Quantum to Classical Mechanics, and Back''
Robert Lucht, Purdue University
``Sensitive, Selective Detection of Molecular Species Using Electronic-Resonance-Enhanced Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (ERE CARS)''
  Jonathan S. Wurtele, University of California at Berkeley
``Magnetically Induced Transparency of Plasma: Applications to Particle Acceleration and Pulse Compression''
-- Afternoon --
Thursday Evening Plenary Session
Jay Eversole, Naval Research Laboratory (Detection of Large Biological Molecules)
   ``Bio-Agent Detection: DoD application of optical techniques''
Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M University (Detection of Large Biological Molecules)
   ``FAST CARS Detection of Large Molecules''
Regina de Vivie-Riedle, MPI für Quantenoptik (Bose-Einstein Condensation and Ultra-cold Gasses)
   ``Conversion of an atomic to a molecular Bose-Einstein-Condensate with optimizd pulses in the n- and fs-regime''
-- Break --
Thursday Evening Invited Session
Detection of Large Biological Molecules Bells Inequalities Novel Optics
Patrick J. Treado, Chemicon Inc.
``Raman Chemical Imaging for Rapid, Non-Invasive and Reagentless BioThreat Detection''
Louis Sica, NRL
``A new view of Bell's inequalities''
Vitaly Kocharovsky, Texas A&M University
``Mechanism of BEC''
John Reintjes, Naval Research Laboratory
``Femtoseond CARS for real time spore detection''
Karl Hess, University of Illinois
``Time and setting dependent instrument parameters and proofs of the Bell inequalities''
Frank Narducci, Naval Air Systems Command
``Progress towards magneto-optc rotation in a cold gas''
Tomas Opatrny, Texas A&M University
``Molecular coherence preparation using chirped pulses and fractional STIRAP''
Walter Philipp, University of Illinois
``A local mathematical model for EPR experiments''
Andrey Matsko, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
``Optical measurements of gravity fields''
Guy Beadie, Naval Research Laboratory
``Femtosecond CARS in polyatomic molecules''
Edward S. Fry, Texas A&M University
``Loophole-free tests of Bell Inequalities''
Justin Peatross, Brigham Young University
``Group Velocity and the Propagation of Broadband Pulses''
Aleksander Rebane, Montana State University
``Background-free femtosecond CARS detection of porphyrins in solids''