PQE-2003 — Poster Session

Claudia Mewes, Kaiserslautern University of Technology
    ``Decoherence suppression in collective quantum memories''

Barak Dayan, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Gennady Shvets, Illinois Institute of Technology and Fermilab
    ``Phononic Nanostructures and What You Can Do With Them: Left-handed Metamaterials, Perfect Lenses, and All That''

Robert Kosut, SC Solutions, Inc
    ``Identification of Quantum Systems for Control Design''

Vladimir A. Sautenkov, Texas A&M University
    ``Effect of gold nanoparticles on the photolumenescence of conjugated polymers''

Vladimir A. Sautenkov, Texas A&M University
    ``Dramatic narrowing of Autler-Townes components in dipole-dipole broadened atomic vapor''

Eugeniy E. Mikhailov, Texas A&M University
    ``Observation of Narrow Enhanced Absorption Resonances in Rb Vapor Due to a Buffer Gas''