PQE-2002 — Full Program

Monday January 7 2002

Monday Morning Plenary Session 1
Margaret Murnane, JILA (Attosecond Science)
   ``Coherent Control of Atoms and Molecules on Attosecond Timescales''
Paul Corkum, National Research Council of Canada (Attosecond Science)
   ``Producing, Measuring and Using Attosecond Optical and Electron Pulses''
Harm Muller, AMOLF Netherlands (Attosecond Science)
   ``Measurement of attosecond structure in XUV pulses from high-harmonic generation''
Monday Morning Invited Session 1
Attosecond Science (Open) Quantum Communication
Ken Schafer, Lund University/Louisiana State University
``Theory of electron spectra from ultrafast cross-correlation processes''
  Mikhail D. Lukin, Harvard University
``Quantum Communication in Noisy Channels via Atomic Ensembles and Light''
Justin Peatross, Brigham Young University
``Controlling Laser High Harmonic Generation with Weak Interfering Light''
  Prem Kumar, Northwestern University
``Fiber-optic quantum communications''
Warren Warren, Princeton University
``Femtosecond Pulse Shaping Throughout the Electromagnetic Spectrum''
  Talk Cancelled
-- Break --
Monday Morning Plenary Session 2
Jim Harris, Stanford University (Semiconductor Lasers)
   ``GaInNAs Long Wavelength Lasers: The Potential and Challenges''
Kohzo Hakuta, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan (Attosecond Science)
   ``Parametric Raman Beating in Solid Hydrogen: Towards Subfemtosecond Pulse Generation''
Monday Morning Invited Session 2
Attosecond Science Semiconductor Lasers Novel Optics
Deniz Yavuz, Stanford University
``Multiplicative technique for single cycle pulses''
Dennis Deppe, University of Texas at Austin
``Electrically Injected Microcavity Devices for Single Photon Sources''
Dmitry Budker, UC Berkeley
``Nonlinear faraday magnetometry for the earth's field''
Alexei Sokolov, TAMU
``Femtosecond Light Source Synchronized with Molecular Motion''
Weng Chow, Sandia
``Anomalous dispersion in quantum dots - Deviations from the `atom-like' picture''
Irina Novikova, TAMU
``Generation of Squeezed Vacuum via Zeeman Coherence in Hot Atomic Vapor''
Max Zolotorev, LBNL
``Production and application of bunches of ultrarelativistic electrons with attosecond duration''
Alexey Belyanin, TAMU
``Nonlinear optical phenomena in semiconductor lasers with self-generated driving fields''
Michael Fitch, Johns Hopkins
``High resolution quantum optics applied to metrology and clocks''
    Hersch Pilloff, JILA
``The negative potential well in atom guiding and a new atom trap''
-- Afternoon --
Yoshi Yamamoto, Stanford University (Nanostructure Optics)
   ``Generation of single photons and entangled photon-pairs from a single quantum dot''
Carlos Stroud, University of Rochester (Wigner Distribution)
   ``Quantum Mechanics at the Classical-Quantum Interface''
Richard Packard, University of California at Berkeley (Novel Optics)
   ``The He3 dc-SQUID: a superFLUID quantum interference device''
-- Break --
Monday Evening Invited Session
Nanostructure Optics Wigner Distribution Novel Optics
Sergey Bozhevolnyi, Aalborg University, Institute of Physics, Denmark
``Second-harmonic microscopy of individual nanostructures''
Patrick Loughlin, University of Washington
``Application of the Wigner distribution to shallow-water sound propagation''
Jean-Claude Diels, University of New Mexico
``Stabilization of mode-locked trains, and dark resonance of two-photon lambda level structures''
David Nolte, Purdue University
``Photorefractive Semiconductor Nanostructures''
Lorenzo Galleani, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
``The Wigner distribution as a tool for studying differential equations''
William Harter, University of Arkansas
``Coherent Waves Make Space and Time Reference Frames: Symmetry properties of quantum revivals and fractals''
Hui Cao, Northwestern, Physics
``Quantum Dot Microdisk Lasers''
Leon Cohen, City University of New York (Hunter College)
``Why do wave packets sometimes contract?''
Achim Peters, Universitaet Konstanz
``Testing the foundations of special relativity using cryogenic optical resonators''
Vladimir M. Shalaev, Purdue Unviersity
``Manipulating Light and Sensing Molecules with Plasmonic Nanomaterials''
Mark Pilloff, UC Berkeley
``Wigner Distriubtions and Condensate Statistics in the Weakly Interacting Bose Gas''
Paul Voss, Northwestern
``Experimental Realization of "Universal Homodyne Tomography" with a Single Local Oscillator''

Tuesday January 8 2002

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Lov Grover, Lucent Technologies (Quantum Computing)
W. Barletta, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (X-Rays)
   ``Dedicated Synchrotron Radiation Sources for Ultra-fast X-ray Science''
Ercan Alp, Argonne National Laboratory (X-Rays)
   ``Inelastic X-Ray Scattering with Synchrotron Radiation''
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
X-Rays Quantum Computing Novel Optics
Olga Kocharovskaya, TAMU
``Electromagnetically induced transparency in gamma-rays''
Shaya Fainman, Univ. of California, San Diego
``Quantum Device Technologies -- Applying 2-D Photonic Crystals''
Paul Robinson, Sandia
``A Brief Survey of Major Laser Programs at Sandia National Labs''
David Attwood, UC Berkeley
``Soft X-ray Microscopy and EUV Lithography: Imaging in the 20-50 nm Regime''
Mark Gyure, HRL Laboratories
``Scalable Quantum Information Processing Devices''
Christopher Fang-Yen, M.I.T.
``Multiple thresholds in the microlaser''
Zameer Hasan and Aras Konjhodzic, Temple University
``Coherent Control of Nuclear States: Mossbauer Studies of Eu2+/Eu3+ in II-VI Materials''
Talk Cancelled Gerhard Paulus, MPQ, Germany
``Measurement of the absolute phase of a femtosecond laser pulse''
-- Break --
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
Claire Gmachl, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies (New Frontiers of Semiconductor Optoelectronics)
   ``High performance Quantum Cascade lasers from the mid- to far-infrared and applications''
Paul Brumer, University of Toronto (Coherent Control)
   ``Developments in the Coherent Control of Molecular Processes: Controlling Chaos and Chirality''
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
New Frontiers of Semiconductor Optoelectronics Quantum Computing Coherent Control
Rolf Binder, University of Arizona
``Theory of intervalence band coherences in semiconductor quantum wells''
Thomas L. Reinecke, Naval Research Laboratory
``Semiconductor Nanostructures for Quantum Information Technology''
Jon Marangos, Imperial College
``High order harmonic generation and electron wavepacket interference in aligned molecules''
Axel Schulzgen, University of Arizona
``Coherently coupled optical Stark shifts in a semiconductor 3 band system''
Mark Coffey, TRW
``SQUID-Based Quantum Computing: Exploiting the Flux Basis''
Robert Levis, Wayne State University
``Chemical Control Using Tailored, Strong Laser Fields''
Michele Saba, Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
``Polariton Parametric Amplification in Semiconductor Microcavities''
Todd Pittman, Johns Hopkins
``Demonstration of non-deterministic quantum logic operations using linear optical elements''
Tamar Seideman, National Research Council, Canada
``Molecular Interferometry in Configuration Space''
Talk Moved   Victor Batista, Yale University
``Coherent optical control of reaction dynamics in large molecular systems''
-- Afternoon --
Tuesday Evening Plenary Session
Robert Byer, Stanford (Scalable High Power Solid State Lasers)
   ``Scalable High Power Solid State Lasers''
Lu J. Sham, University of California, San Diego (Quantum Computing)
   ``Quantum Operations in Semiconductor Dots''
Vern Schlie, AFRL/DELS (Scalable High Power Solid State Lasers)
   ``Scaling SSL: Realistic - Invariant Propagating Beams''
-- Break --
Tuesday Evening Invited Session
Scalable High Power Solid State Lasers Quantum Information National Security
Sasha Betin, Raytheon
``High Power Solid State Lasers with Phase Conjugation''
Alexander Sergienko, Boston University
``Hyper-entanglement and Quantum Cryptography''
Al Garroway, NRL
``Detection of Landmines by Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR): better than a Pointed Stick?''
Dennis Harris, Boeing LEOS and LLNL
``1 KW Yb: YAG Laser''
Janos Bergou, Hunter College, CUNY
``Quantum State Filtering''
Timothy Brucks, Raytheon
``Target Detection Algorithms and Approaches for Uncooled Infrared Imagery''
Scott Fochs, LLNL
``Heat Capacity Operation of Solid-State Laser System Near Term Solution to Mobile High Avg Power Field Laser''
Robin Cote, University of Connecticut
``Mesoscopic molecular ions in Bose-Einstein condensates''
Marlan O. Scully, TAMU
``FAST CARS: and Anthrax detection''
Ken-ichi Ueda, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan
``Ceramic Lasers: New Generation of Solid State Laser Materials''
  See Leang Chin and Charles M. Bowden, Laval and U. S. Army Aviation & Missile Research
``High-Power Ultra-Short Laser Pulse Propagation in the Atmosphere: White-Light Pulse''

Wednesday January 9 2002

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Gerard Mourou, University of Michigan (Ultra-Fast and Relativistic Optics)
   ``Ultrahigh Intensity, Relativistic Optics and Applications''
Henry Kapteyn, JILA (Ultra-Fast and Relativistic Optics)
   ``Compressing Light Pulses with Spinning Molecules''
Rufus L. Cone, Montana State University (Rare Earth Materials and Applications)
   ``Overview of Rare Earth Materials for Quantum Information Applications''
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
Ultra-Fast and Relativistic Optics Rare Earth Materials and Applications Quantum Enhancement of Spatial Resolution
Phillip Sprangle, NRL
``Compression, Focusing, Filamentation and Spectral Broadening of Laser Pulses Propagating in Air''
Uwe Happek, University of Georgia
``Thermally stimulated laser excitation spectroscopy (TSLES): Another tool to locate the position of impurity energy levels relative to the host energy bands''
Hwang Lee, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
``Showdown at High NOON''
Dinh C. Nguyen, LAN
``Femtosecond Free-Electron Laser Laser Pulses''
C. W. Thiel, Montana State University
``Progress in Relating Rare Earth Ion 4f and 5d Energy Levels to Host Bands and Optical Material Design for Hole Burning, Quantum Information, and Phosphors''
Deborah Jackson, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
``The Use of Correlated Photons in Optical Communications Links''
Alexander Gaeta, Cornell University
``Robust pulse collapse: observation of the Townes soliton''
Marcus Pollnau, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
``Fractional energy-transfer upconversion as a probe for rare-earth-ion distributions in the host''
Colin Williams, Stanford University
``Automated Design of Quantum Circuits and Interferometers''
-- Break --
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
Award Lamb Medal (Lamb Medal)
   ``The presentation of the 2002 Willis E. Lamb medal for Laser Science and Quantum Optics to Jonathan Dowling, Luigi Lugiato, and Yanhua Shih''
John Holzrichter, LLNL (Physics at Sandia National Labs)
   ``Review of optical projects at LLNL''
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
Ultra-Fast and Relativistic Optics Applications of Optical Coherent Transients and Spectral Hole Burning Quantum Computing
Jens Schwarz, University of New Mexico
``Self-trapped filaments in air, how much energy can they carry, how will they go?''
Kelvin Wagner, University of Colorodo
``Spatial-spectral holography for broadband RF array imaging and high resolution spectral analysis''
Chia-Ren Hu, TAMU
``A family of sure-fire quantum algorithms for solving a generalized Grover search problem''
Charles M. Bowden, U. S. Army Aviation & Missile Research
``Intense Femtosecond Pulse Propagation in Air: Intensity Clamping and Third Harmonic Generation''
Ivan Lorgere, Lab. Aimé Cotton, CNRS
``Broadband radio-frequency spectrum-analysis based on spectral hole burning''
M. Suhail Zubairy, TAMU
``Quantum searching, with and without entanglement''
Talk Cancelled Kris Merkel, Montana State University
``Analog optical processing of high bandwidth, large dynamic range signals using spectral hole burning''
Mark Byrd, University of Toronto
``Bang-Bang Operations for Quantum Error Suppression From a Geometric Perspective''
Talk Cancelled Thomas Bottger, Montana State University
``Lasers Stabilized to Regenerative Spectral Holes - Experiment, Modeling, and SHB Material Optimization''
Chitra Rangan, University of Michigan
``Performing Grover's search algorithm on a Rydberg atom data register''
  Ravi Jain, UNM
``Novel Tunable Fiber Lasers based on Rare-Earth Doped Glasses''
-- Afternoon --
Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
Jonathan P. Dowling, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Quantum Enhancement of Spatial Resolution)
   ``Quantum Metrology''
Yanhua Shih, UMBC (Quantum Entanglement)
   ``Quantum Imaging and Uncertainty principle''
Luigi Lugiato, Universitā dell'Insubria (Quantum Entanglement)
   ``Cavity solitons in semiconductor microresonators: theory and experiment''
-- Break --
Wednesday Evening Invited Session
Ultra-Fast and Relativistic Optics (Open) Laser Interactions
See Leang Chin, Laval
``Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulse Propagation in Air''
  Mingzhen Tian, Montana State University
``Optical Coherent Transient True-Time Delay: Broadband Programming Methods''
Sudeep Banerjee, University of Michigan
``High Harmonic Generation in Plasmas by Relativistic Thomson Scattering''
  Martin Weitz, Universitaet Tuebingen
``Controlled Decoherence in Multiple Beam Ramsey Interference''
Boaz Ilan, Tel Aviv University
``Self-Focusing and Multiple Filamentation of Circularly-Polarized Beams''
  Robert Lucht, TAMU
``Time-Dependent, Multi-State Numerical Simulation of Laser Interactions''
Talk Cancelled   Shi-Yao Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University
``Spontaneous Emission manipulation by 2-pi pulses''

Thursday January 10 2002

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 1
Randy Hulet, Rice University (B. E. C.)
   ``Quantum Degeneracy in a Mixed Bose/Fermi Gas''
Ron Folman, University of Heidelberg, Germany (B. E. C.)
   ``The atom chip: manipulation of ultra cold atoms on nano-fabricated surfaces''
Michael Feld, M.I.T. (Medical Physics)
   ``Optical Spectroscopy for Cancer Detection: Final Diagnosis and Fractal Dimension''
Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
Novel solid state materials for EIT, QED, and quantum computing B. E. C. Ultra slow and fast group velocity and its applications
Robert Armstrong, New Mexico State University
``Enhanced emission from fractal/microcavity composites''
Vitaly Kocharovsky, TAMU
``Exchange of Atoms between Condensate and Noncondensate''
Daniel J. Gauthier, Duke University
``Modulation-instability limits to ``fast'' light pulse propagation''
Tom Kennedy, Naval Research Laboratory
``A Model Qubit using Optics and Microwaves with the NV-Center in Diamond''
Murray Barrett, Georgia Institute of Technology
``All Optical BEC''
Philip R. Hemmer , TAMU
``Ultra slow and stopped light pulses in a solid''
Zameer Hasan, Temple University
``Doped II-VI semiconductors with large electric dipole moments''
Juha Javanainen, University of Connecticut
``A dense BEC: is there a scattering length?''
Robert W. Boyd, University of Rochester
``Slow Light in Nanostructured Optical Materials''
-- Break --
Thursday Morning Plenary Session 2
Eric Mazur, Harvard University (Direct observation of coherent phonons)
   ``Oscillating between semiconductor and metal: moving ions faster than electron wave functions can spread''
Gunter Nimtz, University of Cologne/Germany (Ultra slow and fast group velocity and its applications)
   ``Universal Tunnelling Time and Nonlocal Reflection by Photonic Barriers''
Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
Novel solid state materials for EIT, QED, and quantum computing B. E. C. Ultra slow and fast group velocity and its applications
Alfred J. Meixner, Universität Siegen, Germany
``Nanoscale Surface-Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy at the Single-Molecule Level''
Talk Moved Yuri Rostovtsev, TAMU
``Stop and Go Control of Light in Hot Gasses''
E. Kuznetsova, TAMU
``Atomic interference phenomena in solids with a long-lived spin coherence''
  Fam Le Kien, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
``Slow Light in Solid Hydrogen''
Byoung Ham, E.T.R.I.
``Dark resonance coherence swapping for optical switching''
  Jacob Khurgin, Johns Hopkins University
``Slow wave propagation and switching in nonlinear fiber gratings''
-- Afternoon --
Thursday Evening Plenary Session
Aleksander Rebane, Montana State University (Novel solid state materials for EIT, QED, and quantum computing)
   ``Ultrafast coherent transients in one- and two-photon transitions in organic solids''
Klaus-Juergen Witte, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Quantenoptik (Ultra-Fast and Relativistic Optics)
   ``Fusion and Star Plasmas Generated with Femtosecond Laser Pulses''
Malvin Teich, Boston University and Columbia University (Multi-Photon Detection)
   ``Multi-Photon Absorption''
-- Break --
Thursday Evening Invited Session
EIT (Open) Quantum Entanglement
George R. Welch, TAMU
``EIT and Radiation Trapping''
  Dmitry Strekalov, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech
``Two-photon processes in faint biphoton field''
R. Kolesov, TAMU
``Optical continua generation in a coherently prepared Raman Medium''
  Yoon Ho Kim, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
``Preparing bright polarization-entangled photon pairs via temporal and spectral engineering''
Cun-Yun Ye, TAMU
``Three-Photon EIT in Hot Atomic Vapor''
  David Petrosyan, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
``Entanglement transfer from dissociated molecules to photons''