PQE-2001 — Full Program

Monday January 8 2001

Monday Morning Plenary Session 1
Lev P. Pitaevskii, Univ. di Trento (B.E.C.)
   ``Theory of two-photon Bragg scattering in trapped Bose-Einstein condensed gases''
Robert Byer, Stanford (Laser Accelerators)
Erich P. Ippen, MIT (Femtosecond)
   ``Generating and controlling pulses shorter than 2 optical cycles"
Monday Morning Invited Session 1
B.E.C. Quantum Computing and Searching Femtosecond
Randy Hulet, Rice University
``Probing the Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensation by Molecular Spectroscopy''
Mary Beth Ruskai, UMass-Lowell
``Capacity of Quantum Channels''
Bill Barletta, LBL
``Femtosecond xray sources''
Lorenz Willman, M.I.T.
``Growth and Decay of a Hydrogen Condensate''
Stephen Fenner, Univ. of South Carolina
``Quantum Search, Hamiltonians, and Intuition''
Wilhelm Becker, MBI-Berlin
``Laser-induced nonsequential multiple ionization of atoms: a premium for cooperation''
Christopher J. Pethick, NORDITA, Copenhagen
``Macroscopic and microscopic properties of Bose-Einstein condensates''
Andreas Klappenecker, TAMU
``Symplectic Geometries and Clifford Codes''
Jun Ye, JILA
``Sub-ten-femtosecond active synchronization between two passively mode-locked Ti:Sapphire oscillators''
-- Break --
Monday Morning Plenary Session 2
Eric Jones, Sandia (Solid State Lighting)
   ``National White Lighting Initiative: What's it all about?''
Henry Van Driel (Coherent Control)
   ``Coherence Control of Semiconductors''
Monday Morning Invited Session 2
Coherent Control Quantum Information Solid State Lighting
Moshe Shapiro, Weizmann
``Symmetry Breaking and Chiral Purification by Coherent Control Techniques''
D. Averin, SUNY, Stony Brook
``Linear quantum measurements with SET transistor''
Dennis Deppe, UT Austin
``Carrier Dynamics of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots for Low Power Microcavity Lasers and Light Emitters''
Paul Brumer, University of Toronto
``Coherently controlled nanoscale deposition on surfaces''
Nick Bigelow, Rochester
``Spin-squeezing in degenerate and non-degenerate atomic vapors: routes to many particle entanglement''
Kent Choquette, University of Illinois
``Vertical Cavity Lasers: New light in the information age.''
John Holzrichter
``Optical detection of Pathogens''
Anders Sorensen, Aarhus Denmark
``Many-particle entanglement from Bose-Einstein condensates''
M. D. Pashley, Philips Research
``Achieving White Light Quality Requirements with Solid State Lighting''
David Tannor, Weizmann
``Laser Cooling as a Paradigm for Control of Decoherence: A Theory of Purity Increasing Transformations''
Daniel Lidar, University of Toronto
``Decoherence-Free Quantum Computation''
Dan Botez, University of Wisconsin
``High-Power Al-free Coherent and Incoherent Diode Lasers''
Eitan Geva, University of Michigan
``On the performance of quantum heat engines''
  A. Nurmikko
``Vertical Cavity Blue and Near Ultraviolet Emitters''
-- Afternoon --
Christophe Salomon, ENS, Paris (B.E.C.)
   ``Sympathetic cooling of Lithium 6 fermions towards quantum degeneracy''
I. Walmsley, University of Rochester (Quantum State Preparation and Measurement)
Ed Fry, TAMU (Ocean Physics)
   ``A Brillouin lidar for profiling temperature and sound speed in the ocean''
Monday Evening Invited Session
B.E.C. Ocean Physics Quantum State Preparation and Measurement
Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT
``Collective enhancement and suppression in Bose-Einstein condensates''
Ken Voss, University of Miami
``In-water spectral radiance distribution measurements''
Suhail Zubairy, TAMU
``Application of cavity QED to quantum computing''
Vitaly Kocharovsky, TAMU
``Canonical Ensemble Quasiparticles and Particle-Number-Conserving Theory of BEC''
Robert Leathers, NRL Washington
``Analysis of a Point-Source Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter''
Andrew Funk, University of Oregon
``Non-classical states of the polarization of optical fields: generation and measurement''
Juha Javanainen, UConn
``How fast can you photoassociate a BEC''
Linda Mullen
``Modulated Lidar Reveals Underwater Objects''
A. Cronin, MIT
``Decoherence rate due to multiple photon scattering in an atom interferometer''
Kris Helmerson, NIST
``Photo-association in a condensate''
Mike Contarino, Naval Air Warfare Center
``The "a" "b" "c"s of Lidar Measurement and Theory''
Luiz Davidovich
``Direct measurement of Wigner function: probing the quantum-classical transition''
  Peter E. Nebolsine  

Tuesday January 9 2001

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Vern Schlie, AFRL/DE (High Power Lasers)
   ``Overview - HEL types, Uses, and Future''
Szymon Suckewer, Princeton University (New X-Ray Sources and Applications)
   ``What is New in X-Ray Sources and Their Applications?''
Luigi Lugiato, UniversitÓ dell'Insubria (Quantum Imaging)
   ``Spatial entanglement, applications to quantum teleportation of optical images and quantum cryptography''
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
High Power Lasers New X-Ray Sources and Applications Magnetometry
G. Manke/G. Hager, AFRL/DE
``Advanced COIL - Physics/chemistry, Uses''
Jorge Rocca, Colorado State University
``Recent Progress in the Development and Applications of Discharge Pumped Soft X-Ray Laser''
Dmitry Budker, UC Berkeley
``Nonlinear Faraday Rotation Magnetometry''
Bob Rice, Boeing-LEOS
``1 kW Yb:Yag Laser Demo''
Henry Kapteyn, JILA
``Applied Coherent Controlled Technique for X-Ray Generation''
George R. Welch, TAMU
``Magnetometry in dense coherent media''
Todd Rutherford, Stanford
``Scaling Yb:YAG to 1-100 kW''
Robert Schoenlein, LBNL
``Generation and Applications of Femtosecond X-rays from the Advanced Light Source.''
Andrey Matsko, TAMU
``Radiation trapping in coherent media''
-- Break --
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
Alexander L. Fetter, Stanford (B.E.C.)
   ``Stability of a vortex in a dilute trapped Bose-Einstein condensate''
Peter Zory, University of Florida at Gainsville (Quantum Well Lasers)
   ``Designing interband and intersubband quantum well lasers.''
Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
High Power Lasers Slow Light Quantum Well Lasers
Craig Denman, AFRL/DE
``High Power Fiber Laser Scaling''
Ulf Leonhardt, University of St Andrews, Scotland
``Slow light in moving media''
Greg Dente, GCD Assoc.
``Quantum Theory of Superlattices: Applications to mid-IR Lasers''
B. Dane / E. Stappaerts, LLNL
``Heat Capacity Nd:YAG High Power Laser - 100 KW''
Michael Fleischhauer, Univ. of Kaiserslautern
``Slow light and quantum memories for photons''
George (GW) Turner, MIT Lincoln
``High Efficiency optically pumped mid-IR lasers with integrated absorbers''
Paul Banks, Gulf Atomic
``Ultrafast Laser - fs/TW''
Selim M. Shahriar, MIT
``First Obervation of Ultraslow Group Velocity of Light in a Solid''
Luke Lester, CHTM, UNM
``Injection Efficiency and Phonon Bottleneck in Quantum dot lasers''
Ananth Dodabalapur, Lucent Tech
``Organic Semiconductor Injection Laser''
Yuri Rostovtsev, TAMU
``Frozen light by hot atoms''
Dave Gallant, Boeing
``Injection locking properties of angled grating semiconductor lasers''
  Fam Le Kien, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
``Slow light in a far-off-resonance Raman medium''
Benoit Deveaud, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
``Ultrafast dynamics of semiconductor nanostructures''
-- Afternoon --
Tuesday Evening Plenary Session
J. Yngvason, Univ. of Vienna (B.E.C.)
   ``The ground state of a dilute Bose gas: Facts, expectations and open questions''
Mickhail Lukin, ITAMP (Quantum Optics)
   ``Trapping and storage of light in matter''
Victor Klimov, Los Alamos National Labs (Advances in nanostructure optics)
   ``Multiparticle interactions and optical gain in nanocrystal quantum dots''
Tuesday Evening Invited Session
B.E.C., entanglement, and squeezing Quantum Computing and Searching Advances in nanostructure optics
David Feder, NIST
``Dark solitons and vortex rings in trapped Bose condensates''
Jean-Luc A. Brylinski, Pennsylvania State University
``Invariant theory for n qubits''
Hui Cao, North Western University
``Generation of coherent light from disordered nanostructures''
Michael G. Moore, ITAMP
``Generating entangled atom-photon pairs from Bose-Einstein condensates''
Navin Khaneja, Dartmouth
``Time Optimal Control in Quantum information Processing''
David Smith, UC San Diego
``Negative refractive index in structured metamaterials''
Robin Cote, UConn
``Entanglement with Rydberg atoms''
Ranee Brylinski, Pennsylvania State University
``Invariant polynomial functions on systems of qubits''
Vladimir Shalaev, NMSU
``Plasmonic Nanomaterials''
Mark Hillery
``Quantum Cryptography and Squeezed States''
  Valy Vardeny, University of Utah
``Laser action in pi-conjugated polymer films and microcavities''

Wednesday January 10 2001

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Joseph W. Haus (Solitons)
   ``Solitons in Lasers''
James Gordon (Solitons)
H. Haus (Solitons)
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
Solitons Non-linear Optics New X-Ray Sources and Applications
Ildar Gabitov
``Dispersion Managed Solitons''
Gerard Mourou, University of of Michigan
``Relativistc Nonlinear Optics in the Single-Cycle, Single Wavelength Regime''
Roger Falcone, UC Berkeley
``Coherent Phonon Observation by Time Resolved X-Ray Lasers''
Herbert Winful
``Raman Gap Solitons''
Donald Umstadter, Michigan
``Ultra-high-gradient laser-plasma accelerators, zero to sixty (MeV) in less than a picosecond''
Philip Sprangle, NRL
``Stable Laser Pulse Propatation in Plasma Channels for X-Ray Lasers''
Alejandro Aceves
``Recent progress on pulse propagation in nonlinear optical fiber gratings''
Robert Lucht, TAMU
``Time-Dependent Numerical Simulation of Polarization Spectroscopy and Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing''
Claudio Pellegrini, UCLA
``X-Ray Free Electron Laser''
-- Break --
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
Linn Mollenauer, Bell Labs (General Interest)
Rufus L. Cone, Montana State University (Spectroscopy of Solids, with Applications)
   ``Spectroscopy of Rare Earth Materials from 20 Hz to Hundreds of Electron Volts''
Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
Coherence in Semiconductors Spectroscopy of Solids, with Applications New X-Ray Sources and Applications
L. J. Sham, U.C. San Diego
``Theory of ultrafast light manipulation of spin-excitons in nanodots for quantum computing''
C. W. Thiel, Montana State University
``Systematics of Rare Earth Crystal Band Structure by Photoemission for Design of Laser and Hole Burning Materials''
Mike Key, LLNL
``Hard X-Ray Emission with Petawatt Laser''
Gian Salis, UCSB
``Optical manipulation of nuclear spin by a two-dimensional electron gas''
G. J. Pryde, Montana State University
``Compact Laser Frequency Stabilization at 1.5Ám using Spectral Hole Burning''
David Attwood, UC Berkeley
``X-Ray and EUV Radiation for Microscopy and Lithography''
Dave Bacon
``Quantum Computing using only the Exchange Interaction''
W. R. Babbitt, Montana State University
``Optical Coherent Transient Signal Correlators: Science and Applications''
Margaret Murnane
``Time-Resolved Observartion of Ultrafast Soft X-Ray Pulses''
Galina Khitrova, University of Arizona
``Quantum Wells Coupled by Light''
Markus Pollnau, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
``Spectroscopy of energy-transfer processes between rare-earth ions in glases and crystals
Jim Dunn, Livermore
talk on X-ray laser
Hyatt M. Gibbs, University of Arizona
``Quantum Correlations in the Nonperturbative Regime of Semiconductor Microcavities''
Andrew J. Steckl, University of Cincinnati
``Excitation mechanisms in rare-earth-doped GaN electroluminescent structures''
Susanne Quabis, Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg
``Focussing light to a tighter spot''
-- Afternoon --
Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
Carlos Stroud, University of Rochester (Quantum Information)
   ``Efficient Information Processing in Rydberg Atoms''
Marlan Scully, TAMU (Quantum Heat Engines)
   ``Quantum Heat Engines''
Olga Kocharovskaya, TAMU (Coherence Effects)
   ``Quantum Coherence Effects: Solids vs. Gases''
Wednesday Evening Invited Session
Coherence Effects Spectroscopy of Solids, with Applications Non-linear Optics
Philip Hemmer, Civ AFRL/SNHC
``Dark Resonances in Solids: Materials Issues and Applications''
Aleksander Rebane, Montana State University
``Burning Persistent Spectral Holes By Two-Photon Absorption''
Steve Blair, University of Utah
``Optical microcavity biosensors''
Kohzo Hakuta, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
``Parametric process using strongly driven Raman coherence in solid hydrogen''
Kevin Repasky, Montana State University
``Frequency Chirped Diode Laser for Spectral Hole Burning Applications''
Dick Slusher, Lucent Technologies
``Slow light in optical waveguide structures''
Alexei V. Sokolov, Stanford
``Coherent Control of Multiphoton Ionization on a Few-Femtosecond Time Scale''
Uwe Happek, The University of Georgia
``Photoconductivity Studies of LiNbO3''
Jay Guo, University of Michigan
``Fabrication of Nanoscale Photonic Structures''
Yifu Zhu
``Observations of absorptive photon switching and suppression of two-photon absorption in cold atoms''
Stefan Kroll
``Implementation of quantum gates in rare-earth-ion-doped inorganic crystals''
Frank Wise, Cornell
``Optical Spatiotemporal Solitons''
Zameer Hasan, Temple University
``Thin Eu3+: CaS films for coherent control of electronic and nuclear states''

Thursday January 11 2001

Thursday Morning Plenary Session
Seth Lloyd, MIT (Quantum Computing)
H. Rabitz, Princeton (Coherent Control)
   ``Control of Molecular Motion: The Molecule Knows Best''
Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
Coherent Control Coherence Effects Quantum Computing
Wendell T. Hill, III
``Hidden Correlation in Strong-Field Dissociative-Ionization: A Possible Route for Quantum Control''
Boris Zeldovich, CREOL/UCF
``Can the linewidth be much narrower than transition probability?''
C. Kompa
Roland Allen, TAMU
``Mechanisms for Laser Control of Chemical Reactions''
Alexey Belyanin, TAMU
``Inversionless lasing with self-generated driving fields''
Goong Chen, TAMU
``An Exponentially Fast Quantum Search Algorithm''
Astrid Mueller, MPQ
``Two Aspects of Ultrafast Photodynamics: Molecular Photoionization and Coherent Control of Molecular Fragmentation and Photoreactions Involving Conical Intersections".
Susanne Yelin, ITAMP
``Proof and potential of double dark resonances''
James Franson
``Quantum logic using photon-exchange interactions: theory and experiment''
-- Break --
Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
Pulse Propagation ``Fast'' Light Wigner Distribution
Alex Gaeta, Cornell
``Spatio-Temporal Collapse Dynamics of Light Pulses''
L. J. Wang, NEC
``Negative Group Velocity''
Letizia Lo Presti and Lorenzo Galleani
``Application of the Wigner Distribution to non-linear systems''
Neshet Akozbek, AMCOM
``White-light continuum generation, filamentation and transverse ring formation during the propagation of ultra-short laser pulses propagating in air''
Philip Sprangle, NRL
``Comments on Superluminal Laser Pulse Propagation''
Les Atlas
``Fault Analysis of Machines''
Jerry Moloney or Chung-Chieh Cheng, Tucson Michael Stenner, Duke University
``Quantum limits to superluminal pulse advancement''
Patrick Loughlin
``Generalized Wigner Distribution Analysis of Human Balance''
 Coherence Effects  
Jean-Claude Diels, University of New Mexico
``Wimpy filaments in the UV sho more promise than their IR counterpart''
Gilbert Hoy
``The coherent-path model of resonant gamma-ray scattering: answers and questions''
Lorenzo Galleani
``The Fiat automobile steering mechanism: a practical application of the Wigner distribution''
Gadi Fibich, Tel Aviv University
``Vectorial effects in self-focusing and in multiple filamentation''
Min Xiao, University of Arkansas
``Atomic Coherence Effects inside an Optical Cavity''
Leon Cohen and Lorenzo Galleani
``Wigner Distribution for Classical systems''
  Quantum Information
Richard Chang, Yale
``Recent Studies on the Interactions of fs-Laser Beam with Micron-sized Droplets''
Charles Santori, Stanford
``Triggered single photons and polarization-entangled photon pairs from a quantum dot''
Mary Rowe, NIST
``Experimental Violation of Bell's Inequalities with Efficient Detection''
Gary Carter
``Dispersion-Managed Solitons at 10, 20, and 40 Gbs''
Michael Crenshaw
``On quantization of the field in dielectrics''
Janos Bergou, Hunter College CUNY
``The Correlated Emission Laser and the CEL Gyro''
Andre Mysyrowicz, Paris
``Self-guided propagation of femtosecond laser pulses in air''
  Paolo Tombesi
``Complete quantum teleportation exploiting EIT''
-- Afternoon --
Thursday Evening Plenary Session
Willem L. Vos, Universiteit van Amsterdam (Photonic Bandgap)
   ``3D photonic crystals with internal light sources''
Ron Walsworth, Harvard (NMR technbuqes in physics and medicine)
   ``Multidisciplinary applications of laser-polarized noble gas NMR''
Robert W. Boyd, University of Rochester (Non-linear Optics)
   ``Nonlinear Optical and Quantum Optical Imaging''
Thursday Evening Invited Session
Photonic Bandgap Quantum Imaging Quantum Optics
Shi-Yao Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University
``Spontaneous emission in anisotropic photonic crystals with an incomplete band gap''
Alexander Sergienko
``Hyper-entanglement in femtosecond parametric down conversion"
Mathias Perrin, Institute for Nonlinear Physics in Nice France
``On the collective interaction between radiation and atoms in the presence of recoil and collisions''
Thomas W. Mossberg, University of Oregon
``Spontaneous Radiative Decay in a 1-D Photonic Bandgap: Experimental study in Er-doped Fiber Bragg Gratings''
John Clauser
``Refractive-Index Imaging and the Talbot effect with polychromatic x-rays''
Frank Narducci, ONR
``Laser Cooling in a High Finesse Cavity''
Chuck Bowden
``Dispersive and Nonlinear Properties of Finite One Dimensional Photonic Band Gap Materials''
Yanhua Shih, UMBC
``Quantum entanglement and Lithography''
Ben Varcoe, MPQ
``Recent progress on the micromaser''
Eugene P. Petrov, NAS Belarus
``Spontaneous emission of dye molecules in bulk and structured dielectric environments''
Dmitry Strekalov, JPL
``Two-photon interferometry for high-resolution imaging''
Jeff Lundeen, University of Toronto
``Nonlinear optics with less than one photon''